Freedom Under Assault: “I Don’t Care If Cliven Bundy is a Racist”

Infowars.com | Blow up over racism obscures real issue — liberty and property rights.

Decades After Clinton’s Failure to Control Media, Politicians Now Simply Attack Free Speech

Kit Daniels | Authoritarians target new media by destroying First Amendment.

Harry Reid Responds to Bundy Racism Claims

Infowars.com | Sen. Reid says “This is not a game.”

Cliven Bundy Responds to New York Times Racism Report

Infowars.com | Nevada cattle rancher responds to claims made by the New York Times that he is a racist.

Artists Create Street Light That Monitors Conversations, But It Already Exists For Real

Steve Watson | What was meant as a creative warning about surveillance is already really in use on the streets of America.

FBI Informant Directed Hack Attacks on Iran, Syria and Pakistan

Kurt Nimmo | “FBI took advantage of hackers who wanted to help support the Syrian people against the Assad regime.”

‘Hate Crime Reporting Act’ a “Dangerous” Threat to Free Speech

Paul Joseph Watson | Boston Herald editorial labels bill a “frankly chilling proposition”.

NYT Caught Creating Fake War Propaganda in Ukraine Just Like Iraq

Kurt Nimmo | Mayor of Slovyansk in Ukraine says photos are of his friends.

  • War tensions

On the Thursday, April 24 transmission of the Alex Jones Show, Alex chastises the propaganda campaign waged by the State Department and state run media, as they attempt yet another desperate ploy to get the public on board with defending Ukraine from a so-called Russian invasion. Alex also looks at the increasingly out-of-control police state overreactions, the most recent example of which depicts a Texas sheriff's deputy responding to a burglary and killing the victim's dog. On today's show, Alex speaks with Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson for his take on the various factors at play in the media's mass marketing campaign for World War III. We'll also cover other vitally important news items take your calls on this worldwide edition.


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