9/11 Museum Delayed Again Because Bloomberg And Cuomo Can’t Get Along

John Surico
Village Voice Blog
September 9, 2012


As we all know, Tuesday marks the 11th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks – more than a decade has passed since the day that will forever live in New York and America’s memories. Over time, the City has undergone a long and arduous process of moving on from the terrible events that occurred that day. Unfortunately, this recovery has been tainted with one of mankind’s worst illnesses: politics.

In a report released yesterday by the New York Times, just in time for the anniversary, our attention returns to the dispute over the seven-floors-below-ground 9/11 Museum that hit headlines a few years back. The problem here is pretty basic: who in the world is going to pay the nearly $1 billion tab? But this controversy has all the necessary ingredients for a classic political meltdown.

Here’s what’s wrong:

Mayor Bloomberg sits as Chairman of 9/11 Museum Committee; he is in charge of directing funds for the site and has already raised millions (he donated $15 million himself; the rest is from private donations, totaling around $450 million so far). And his term ends after 2013, which means the Mayor has set himself up with a deadline to get one of his administration’s largest projects done on time.

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