WND | Bureaucrats want the power to decide what is “truth.”

The Weekly Standard | Surveillance of, by, and for the people.

Tech Dirt | Question was designed to act similar to Senator Ron Wyden’s now famous question to James Clapper, leading to Clapper’s lie.

Michael Snyder | In some areas of the world, payment systems that require palm scanning or face scanning are already being tested.

Fox New York | Are you ready to pay with your veins?

Fox News | Unencrypted data can reveal when a homeowner is away from their residence for long time.

National Journal | House contender Matt Rosendale of Montana wants Big Brother out of his airspace.

Mike Masnick | It’s good to see a court make such a clear statement on the fact that blogs will often qualify as media properties.

Zenon Evans | Do you want to be the Nancy Drew of Venice Beach?

Mac Slavo | Going postal just took on a whole new meaning.

Tech Dirt | Another FOIA lawsuit brought against the government by the EFF has resulted in the release of previously withheld documents.

Steve Watson | Privacy group warns “even if you have never been arrested you could be implicated as a criminal suspect”.

Mikael Thalen | Agency that lists military veterans as number one terror threat setting up school curriculum.

Tech Dirt | Senator Grassley asked the FBI for copies of its training manual on the program, which it refused to give him.

Business Insider | Google will likely use drones for imagery.

The Guardian | Guerrilla graffiti artist believed to be behind artwork which appeared on side of house in Cheltenham.

London Guardian | Why aren’t internet companies like Facebook and Google doing more to stop it?

Mashable | ..and regularly used it to gather intelligence.

EFF.org | It would be very bad news if these stories were true..

Washington’s Blog | Labels Attempt to Thwart NSA Spying “Draconian”.

JENNIFER EPSTEIN | Obama paid tribute Lyndon B. Johnson and his role in expanding civil rights.

Chris Gayomali | It is now illegal for the French workforce to tend to business once it’s time to eat dinner.

RT | Companies that provide WiFi on US domestic flights are handing over their data to the NSA.

John Stossel | While freedom lovers complain about the Byzantine complexity of the tax code, the politically connected tout their special breaks.

Lucy Steigerwald | DEA boss reaffirmed her commitment to stopping the movement for legal marijuana from going any further.

Infowars.com | It is not a crime when government does it.

Adan Salazar | There is a war on for your child’s mind every time you set down the cereal aisle.

Caroline May | Tax Freedom Day falls 111 days into 2014, on April 21.

U.S. News & World Report | Klayman wanted to take the case straight to the Supreme Court.

Matt McCaffrey | Socialist states are fundamentally irrational. They not only destroy economies; they destroy society itself.

ACLU | We have the technology to build a total surveillance society.

Reuters | Surprise, surprise.

National Review Online | Nation’s highest court creeps towards 1984.

Mike Masnick | Snowden revelations aren’t just being followed by security-obsessed techies.

Ben Webster | Likened climate sceptics to the Monster Raving Loony Party.

The Baffer | When it comes to the NSA, nothing is your own except the few cubic inches inside your skull.

USA Today | Americans now less likely to shop on-line.

Thomas DiLorenzo | “They” are the neocons who run the Republican Party.

ZDNet | Clapper finally tells the truth for once.

Daniel Taylor | This is only the beginning of an Orwellian, Minority Report future.

Zenon Evans | Government doesn’t trust your ability to not maim Little Billy or Grandpa.

Tech Dirt | In a profile by the LA Times of retired NSA boss Keith Alexander, he admits to the depth of the NSA’s surveillance capabilities in Iraq.

Susan Jones | Cesar Chavez on March 31 and Fred Korematsu on Jan. 30.

Mark Crovelli | Earn money, not for yourself or your family, but for the Ukrainian junta and the U.S. Postal Service.

Spiegel Online | Agencies also collected information on German chancellor for special database.

Defense One | The legacy of Total Information Awareness continues to thrive at the NSA.

Adan Salazar | Eye tracking device would translate eyeball motions into on-screen movement.

Pennlive.com | Police cameras can pan, zoom and recall footage.

Kit Daniels | Insurance tracking device records route driven by the policyholder.

Fox 59 | A family claims they are being terrorized by their cable box. For more than a week, personal and harassing messages are showing up on their TVs.

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