Rigged: CNN Poll Claiming Hillary Won the Debate Sampled 41% Democrats Compared to 26% Republicans

A CNN/ORC poll released shortly after last night’s debate found that Hillary Clinton scored a clear victory over her rival Donald Trump. One problem – the survey sample included 41% Democrats compared to just 26% Republicans.

Asked, “Who do you think did the best job in the debate – Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?”, 62% of respondents said Hillary while 27% said Trump.

This immediately gave the impression that Hillary trounced Trump in the debate, and set the standard for the media narrative that it was a bad night for the Republican candidate.

However, 33% of the people surveyed in the poll identified as Independents, 41% identified as Democrats, while just 26% identified as Republicans.

This represents a disparity of 15% between Democrats and Republicans – meaning the poll was heavily weighted in favor of Democrats before the question about who won the debate was even asked.

Almost three quarters of the respondents were not Republicans and 57% more Democrats were asked than Republicans. If the sampling was flipped, with 41% of respondents being Republican and just 26% identifying as Democrats, the outcome would almost certainly have been in Trump’s favor.

The text confirming that the poll had a huge disparity in favor of Democrats was not included in CNN’s website article about the poll, but can be found in a PDF file on CNN’s image server.

The CNN poll is contradicted by numerous other polls which show that Trump won the debate.

These polls have been disparaged by Hillary supporters, who claim they are unscientific and were gamed by pro-Trump trolls.

However, a Time poll that showed Trump ahead by 59% to 41% swung heavily in Clinton’s favor after she suddenly received a surge of nearly 300,000 votes – suggesting that both sides were involved in gaming the results.

While the consensus opinion appears to be that Clinton won on points but Trump achieved his mission of appearing electable, the gross bias exhibited in CNN’s sampling – along with moderator Lester Holt’s failure to ask Hillary any tough questions – will fuel accusations made by Trump supporters that the entire race is being rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

57% of Clinton Charitable Giving in 2015 Went to the Clinton Foundation

Nearly 60 percent of the charitable giving last year by Hillary Clinton’s family charity wound up at the Clinton Foundation, according to tax returns obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The Clinton Family Foundation is the charitable vehicle used by the Clintons. It is a separate entity than that of the much larger Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation (the Clinton Foundation). Once the Clintons’ charitable money is placed in the Clinton Family Foundation, they then cut checks to numerous charities.

According to a review of the Clinton Family Foundation’s 2015 Form 990 provided to the Free Beaconby the assistant of Clinton’s tax lawyer, the Clintons disbursed $2,630,500 to charities last year from the family foundation. These donations include $30,000 to Yale University, $50,000 to Georgetown University, $20,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society, and $25,000 to Hippy USA, among others.

However, a majority of the funds from the Clinton Family Foundation ended up at the Clinton Foundation. Of the $2.6 million in charitable giving the Clintons made last year, $1.5 million, or 57 percent of all of the Clinton’s charitable donations, was funneled to the Clinton Foundation.

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Trump Slams Obama For ‘Shameful’ 9/11 Bill Veto

Donald Trump on Friday blasted President Obama for vetoing legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S. courts.

“President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act is shameful and will go down as one of the low points of his presidency,” he said in a statement.

“This bipartisan legislation was passed unanimously by both houses of Congress and would have allowed the families of the nearly 3,000 people slaughtered by radical Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, the opportunity to seek justice in an American court of law.”

Trump added he would approve the controversial legislation if he were occupying the White House instead of Obama.

“That President Obama would deny the parents, spouses, and children of those we lost on that horrific day the chance to close this painful chapter in their lives is a disgrace,” the GOP’s presidential nominee said.

“These are wonderful people, and as a lifelong New Yorker, I am saddened that they will, for now, not have that opportunity. If elected president, I would sign such legislation should it reach my desk.”

Obama vetoed JASTA earlier Friday, setting the stage for a fierce showdown with Congress over its future.

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Obama vetoes 9/11 bill

President Obama on Friday vetoed legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in U.S courts, setting up a high-stakes showdown with Congress. 

“I recognize that there is nothing that could ever erase the grief the 9/11 families have endured,” Obama wrote in his veto message. “Enacting JASTA into law, however would neither protect Americans from terrorist attacks nor improve the effectiveness of our response to such attacks.”

Obama’s move opens up the possibility that lawmakers could override his veto for the first time with a two-thirds vote in both chambers.

Republican and Democratic leaders have said they are committed to holding an override vote, and the bill’s drafters say they have the support to force the bill to become law.

The Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) unanimously passed through both chambers by voice vote.

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Saudis hire lobbyists amid fight over 9/11 legislation

Saudi Arabia has hired two new lobby firms as it fights legislation that would allow victims of the 9/11 attacks to file lawsuits against the country.

Glover Park Group and Squire Patton Boggs are now working for the Saudi government, according to new disclosure forms. Both contracts were inked earlier this week.

The Saudi government is adding Washington firepower amid the battle over legislation that would allow the victims of terrorist attacks to sue countries that may have been responsible. The bill passed both chambers of Congress unanimously.

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 hailed from Saudi Arabia. Critics have long suspected that the kingdom’s government may have either directly or indirectly supported the attacks, something the Saudis vehemently deny.

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Tulsa Cop who Shot Terence Crutcher Charged with 1st Degree Manslaughter

The Tulsa district attorney’s office is charging officer Betty Shelby with first-degree manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Terence Crutcher, an unarmed black man.

District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler filed the charges Thursday, despite Tulsa police not yet releasing their report on the incident, Fox 23, a Tulsa news station, reported.

The September 16 shooting was captured on video, showing Crutcher to be unarmed. The footage went viral.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Shelby, and there is an arrangement being worked out with her attorney for Shelby to turn herself in. Shelby faces a minimum of four years or a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted of first-degree manslaughter.

Shelby has stated that she felt “threatened” by Crutcher, whom she feared was under the influence of PCP.

As the shooting has come under a federal civil rights investigation, Shelby’s personal and professional history are being scrutinized online. Her application to the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office in 2007 was publicly disclosed Monday, revealing past drug use, which the sheriff’s office clarified as two instances of marijuana use when she was 18 years old.

Two complaints of excessive force have been filed against Shelby since she joined the police force in 2011, but records show the claims against her were determined to be unfounded, according to KOTV.

Scott Wood, Shelby’s attorney, told NBC News on Wednesday that Shelby “became concerned about him reaching for his left pocket, despite being commanded not to.”

A 911 call came in Friday at 7:30pm warning an SUV in the middle of the road was “going to blow,” Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan told reporters Monday. Shelby was unaware of that report when she arrived on the scene while initially responding to a different call.

When she noticed Crutcher’s vehicle was running, her attorney Scott Wood said, she found it odd. Wood says she then checked the inside of the SUV’s passenger side to make sure no one was on the floor, and upon moving to the driver’s side, saw Crutcher walking toward her in the street.

Crutcher did not respond when Shelby asked, “Is this your car?” according to Wood. Crutcher then is said to have put his hand in his left pocket, prompting Shelby to order him to leave his hands out of his pockets, but he did so again anyway, she claims. She then radioed in to dispatch that Crutcher was not following commands.

It was then she pulled out her service weapon, and when Crutcher approached his vehicle, she fired, killing him. Another responding officer had fired his taser at the same moment.

US Airstrikes on Syrian Troops were ‘intentional,’ Lasted Nearly 1 hour – Assad to AP

Syrian President Bashar Assad says that US airstrikes which killed 62 Syrian government troops were “intentional” and they lasted for an hour. He added that the US “does not have the will” to join Russia in fighting terrorists in Syria.

Speaking to the Associated Press in Damascus, the Syrian leader denied that the airstrikes carried out by the US near Deir ez-Zor on September 17 were an accident. Sixty-two Syrian soldiers were killed and over 100 were injured, according to the Syrian military. Assad said they were “intentionally” targeted.

“It was not an accident by one airplane; it was four airplanes which kept attacking the position of the Syrian troops for nearly one hour or maybe a little bit more than one hour,” Assad told AP, adding they were attacking a large area that “constituted of many hills” adjacent to where the Syrian troops were stationed.

Assad also questioned how IS was able to launch an attack so quickly after the airstrike.

“The IS troops attacked at the very same time as the American strike. How could they know that America was going to attack that position in order to gather their militants right away and attack it one hour after the strike. It was definitely intentional and not unintentional,” he added.

The Pentagon said the airstrikes on Syrian troops were an accident and that they were aimed at Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists.

Assad also claimed that the US is not interested in fighting terrorists in Syria, saying that Washington “lacks the will” to join Russia in trying to eliminate extremist groups.

“When you have many external factors that you don’t control, it’s going to drag on and no one in this world can tell you when,” he answered a question about when the war might end.

He also said that the conflict is likely to drag on because the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar keep supporting those opposed to Assad’s rule.

The Syrian president dismissed US claims that Russian or Syrian planes were responsible for a fatal attack on an aid convoy which killed 21 people September 19. He said the American accusations have “no credibility” and they are “just lies.”

“I would say whatever the American officials said about the conflict in Syria has no credibility. Whatever they say is just lies.”

When pressed about what happened to the aid convoys, Assad said they were passing through rebel-held areas and these “terrorists” were responsible for their security.

“We don’t have any idea about what happened. The only thing we saw was videos of burnt-out, destroyed trucks and nothing else,” Assad said.

The end of stealth? New Chinese radar capable of detecting ‘invisible’ targets 100km away

A top Chinese military technology company shocked physicists around the world this week when it announced it had developed a new form of radar able to detect stealth planes 100km away.

The breakthrough relies on a ghostly phenomenon known as quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein dubbed “spooky action at a distance”.

China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC), one of the “Top 10” military industry groups controlled directly by the central government, said on Sunday that the new radar system’s entangled photons had detected targets 100km away in a recent field test.

That’s five times the “potential range” of a laboratory prototype jointly developed by researchers from Canada, Germany, Britain and the United States last year.

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CIA Director Brennan Admits Voting for Communist Party in 1976

CIA Director John Brennan admitted to supporting the Communist Party in the 1976 election last week during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual conference.

Speaking at a panel discussion on diversity in the intelligence community Thursday, Brennan revealed how his previous vote for Communist Gus Hall had resurfaced during his first polygraph test at the agency.

According to CNN, after being asked if he had “ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the US,” Brennan worried that a truthful answer would end his goal of becoming a CIA analyst.

“This was back in 1980, and I thought back to a previous election where I voted, and I voted for the Communist Party candidate,” Brennan said. “I froze, because I was getting so close to coming into CIA and said, ‘OK, here’s the choice, John. You can deny that, and the machine is probably going to go, you know, wacko, or I can acknowledge it and see what happens.'”

After admitting to his prior support of the Communist platform, Brennan says he was convinced he would be inhibited from moving forward.

“I said I was neither Democratic or Republican, but it was my way, as I was going to college, of signaling my unhappiness with the system, and the need for change,” Brennan stated. “I said I’m not a member of the Communist Party, so the polygrapher looked at me and said, ‘OK,’ and when I was finished with the polygraph and I left and said, ‘Well, I’m screwed.'”

Brennan – who was answering a question on “barriers to recruiting diverse candidates” and whether a history of activism could hurt potential future employees – argued to attendees that the CIA’s mission is to protect US values such as free speech.

“We’ve all had indiscretions in our past,” the CIA director said. “I would not be up here if that was disqualifying.”

Brennan, who was accepted into the agency later that year, pointed to his experience as proof of the agency’s evolution – although he says it has a long way to go in regards to the acceptance of gays and minorities.

“So if back in 1980, John Brennan was allowed to say, ‘I voted for the Communist Party with Gus Hall’ … and still got through, rest assured that your rights and your expressions and your freedom of speech as Americans is something that’s not going to be disqualifying of you as you pursue a career in government.”

Given the political climate and intensifying Cold War at the time, the CIA’s decision to hire Brennan may seem surprising to some.

EU urges Obama to veto 9/11 bill

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday urged President Obama to veto a bill making it easier for the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.

“The European Union considers that the adoption of the bill and its subsequent implementation might have unwanted consequences as other States may seek to adopt similar legislation, leading to a further weakening of the principles of State sovereign immunity,” the EU delegation to the United States wrote, warning the State Department that the bill would “put a burden on bilateral relations between states.”

“Therefore, the European Union calls upon the President of the United States to act in order to prevent the JASTA bill from becoming law.”

The White House has already said it will veto the Justice Against State Sponsors of Terrorism Act on similar grounds.

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Iowa Seizes Property From 1,000 People A Year Without Proof Of Crime, Says Report

Iowa law enforcement agencies seize private property from at least 1,000 people a year, often without any evidence of an involved crime, according to a Tuesday Newton Daily News analysis.

While the police practice can be a legitimate and effective means of curbing nefarious criminal activity, data shows that it may be getting out of hand.

Civil asset forfeiture, the custom where law enforcement confiscates property on the basis of suspicion of wrongdoing, has grown in popularity amongst police departments across the country.

“Unlike criminal asset forfeiture, however, with civil forfeiture, a property owner need not be found guilty of a crime—or even charged—to permanently lose her cash, car, home or other property,” the Institute for Justice’s (IJ) “Policing for Profit” report states.

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Fed Leaves Interest Rates Alone; Dials Down 2016 Forecast

The Federal Reserve is still waiting for the right moment to raise interest rates.

Fed leaders decided not to increase the bank’s key interest rate on Wednesday at the conclusion of a two-day meeting. The decision was largely expected by economists and investors who bet there was very little chance of a move.

The Fed said in a statement that the case for an increase in rates had “strengthened” but wanted to “wait for further evidence of continued progress toward its objectives.”

The Fed downgraded its forecast for economic growth in 2016 for the third time this year. It now projects growth this year to be 1.8%. In June it forecast growth of 2%.

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194 Clinton Donors Received State Dept Advisory Board Posts

The State Department appointed 194 of Hillary Clinton’s donors to advisory boards at the agency while she was secretary of state.

These donors gave money to either Clinton’s political campaigns, the Clinton Foundation, or both, or they were affiliated with organizations that did donate, theWashington Examiner reported Tuesday.

The 194 donors represented approximately 40 percent of the total 511 such advisory appointments during Clinton’s tenure. Although this is a common practice among both parties, the report is likely to fuel pay-to-play accusations that foundation donors received special access to the State Department while Clinton was secretary.

The Washington Examiner highlighted specific individuals who received such appointments despite being ill-qualified. One individual, Kaki Hockersmith, was appointed to the United States National Commission on UNESCO, a component of the United Nations that focuses on building international peace. Hockersmith collected at least $100,000 for Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign.

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215 Million Gallons Of Radioactive Water Threaten Drinking Water In Florida

Mulberry, Florida is now home to a giant sinkhole that has caused 215 million gallons of radioactive water to leak into the state’s supply of drinking water.

The contamination occurred when a sinkhole appeared at a phosphate fertilizer plant near Tampa, which damaged the stack where waste water was stored. This filtered into the state’s aquifer system, which supplies water to residents, making the water contain phosphogypsum.Phosphogypsum is classified as slightly radioactive and is a byproduct of the creation of fertilizer. This is due to the naturally-occurring uranium and radium in the phosphate ore. [1]

The contaminated water also flows into springs used for activities like snorkeling and swimming. [2]

Mosaic, the fertilizer company responsible for the contamination, has kept this sinkhole leak concealed for the better part of 3 weeks, leaving many residents wary when they state that there is no risk to the public. Mosaic claims that the water moves far too slowly to be a threat, however, many people aren’t buying the rhetoric.

Jacki Lopez, Florida director of the Center for Biological Diversity, said of the newfound problem:

“It’s hard to trust them when they say ‘Don’t worry,’ when they’ve been keeping it secret for three weeks.” [3]

Mosaic claims it didn’t inform the public when it initially occurred because they felt they were doing an adequate job of diverting the water source before it became a public hazard. They did inform the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), but the DEP also failed to make it known to residents.

Lopez added:

“We don’t know what the long-term effects will be. If I were living in this area, and I had well water, I would be worried about my health.”

The company is attempting to recover the water by using production wells. They have also increased the water sampling and pumped water out of one of the effected ponds to hopefully reduce some of the leak.

The DEP is also performing frequent visits to the company to ensure that protocol is being followed and that no radioactive water makes its way into the water of residents of Florida. [4]

This article originally appeared at Natural Society.

Video: Hackers Control Tesla’s Brakes from 12 Miles Away

Hackers from a Chinese security research group have developed a new attack that allows a Tesla to be exploited remotely.

Members of Keen Lab Security, who released video of the new hack Monday, demonstrated the first known remote attack against several Tesla Model S versions.

“With several months of in-depth research on Tesla Cars, we have discovered multiple security vulnerabilities and successfully implemented remote, aka none physical contact, control on Tesla Model S in both Parking and Driving Mode,” a Keen Lab Security blog post says.

“As far as we know, this is the first case of remote attack which compromises CAN Bus to achieve remote controls on Tesla cars. We have verified the attack vector on multiple varieties of Tesla Model S.”

The hack, which has already been reported to and patched by Tesla, allows an attacker to control everything from the vehicle’s brakes to its windshield wipers.

After demonstrating control over a parked Tesla’s sunroof, dashboard screen, doors, lights, windows and chairs, the hackers revealed how the vehicle – while in motion – could have its brakes exploited from 12 miles away.

Tesla, who works closely with security researchers to find and fix such vulnerabilities, plans to reward the group for finding the issue.

“We engage with the security research community to test the security of our products so that we can fix potential vulnerabilities before they result in issues for our customers,” a Tesla spokesperson said according to Wired. “We commend the research team behind today’s demonstration and plan to reward them under our bug bounty program, which was set up to encourage this type of research.”

While the hack – which was quickly fixed with an over-the-air software update – may be worrisome to many Tesla owners, the company explained that such an attack requires very specific circumstances.

“The issue demonstrated is only triggered when the web browser is used, and also required the car to be physically near to and connected to a malicious Wi-Fi hotspot,” the spokesperson said. “Our realistic estimate is that the risk to our customers was very low, but this did not stop us from responding quickly.”

Illegal Immigrant Attends Georgetown University on Financial Aid, Pays Only $11.50 this Semester

An illegal immigrant from Mexico is attending Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. for only $11.50 this semester, as he’s receiving financial aid to cover the more than $30,000 tuition.

Mizraim Belman Guerrero, who immigrated from Mexico to Austin, Texas with his family at age four, is attending Georgetown University as an undocumented immigrant, as reported by Circa.com.

“He qualifies for financial aid like any other student at Georgetown, and this semester he’s paying just $11.50 of the close to $33,000 tuition bill,” reports Circa’s Fernando Hurtado. “Financial aid isn’t the only resource Georgetown offers undocumented students. Earlier this year, it launched an undocumented students resource page for prospective students looking to get into the university.”

Yale, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard — like Georgetown — don’t prevent a student from being accepted based on immigration status.

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Chicago Property Owner Shoots Burglars, Ages 16, 11

Two youngsters are recovering from injuries they sustained after they broke into an apartment building in Chicago’s Woodlawn neighborhood Sunday morning.

The 61-year-old property owner, who did not want to be publicly identified, has been renovating the building for the last several months, trying to get it ready for new tenants, according to neighbors. But when he showed up around 8:30 a.m., he was startled to find the two youths had broken into the building. The man opened fire, striking both burglars.

“What would you do if you walked into your apartment? What would you do if you had seen?” said neighbor Steven Jackson. “You would protect yourself. They are on your property.”

Both of the boys – who were just 11 and 16 years old – ran away but were soon thereafter apprehended by authorities and taken to the hospital for medical treatment. The 16-year-old was shot in the back and arm, while the 11-year-old suffered from lacerations on his head. It’s unknown how the lacerations occurred.

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Almost 100,000 Somali Refugees Admitted to US Since 9/11; 99.6% Muslim

Almost 100,000 Somali refugees have been resettled in the United States since 9/11, including 8,619 so far during the current fiscal year. The largest number – some 16 percent of the total over the past 15 years – have been resettled in Minnesota, home to the nation’s biggest Somali-American community.

Of the 97,046 Somali refugees admitted to the U.S. since the fall of 2001, 99.6 percent were Muslim, and 28,836 (29.7 percent) were males between the ages of 14 and 50.

In FY 2015 Somalis were the third largest contingent of refugees admitted to the U.S. – 8,858, or 12.6 percent of the total from around the world. Only Burma, with 26.3 percent, and Iraq, with 18.1 percent, accounted for larger groups of refugees arriving in the country.

The biggest influx of Somali refugees over the past 15 years occurred during the FY 2004-2006 period, after which the numbers dwindled before picking up again from FY 2014-2016, State Department Refugee Processing Center data show.

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Internet Overlord Admits Elite Not Bound By The 1st Amendment

It’s 2016, and by all accounts, the natural rights of humanity are tip toeing on a razors edge while a robot runs free in the streets of Moscow pursued by the Russian Police, ushering in a new age of artificial intelligence demanding answers.

The Mirror reported “it is believed that the arrest occurred after a member of public called police as Promobots were recording the opinions of voters on a variety of topics for further processing and analysis by the candidate’s team.”

A company spokesman told Inverse magazine: “Police asked to remove the robot away from the crowded area, and even tried to handcuff him.”

White House pressures lawmakers to abandon Saudi 9/11 bill

President Obama is holding off on a veto of legislation that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia in hopes that lawmakers can be persuaded to withdraw their support for the bill.

The White House received the legislation on Monday after it unanimously passed the House and Senate. Obama aides have said he will veto it, putting him at risk of the first veto override of his presidency.

But White House officials have repeatedly declined to say when the veto will occur.

Obama spokesman Josh Earnest on Friday refused to give a timeline. It was at least the third time this week he had declined to do so.

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Flint, Michigan: ‘City Leaders Not Informed’ by Feds of Plan to Send 100 Syrian, Iraqi Refugees

Breitbart News has learned that a resettlement agency funded by the Obama administration plans to send 100 Iraqi and Syrian refugees to Flint, Michigan, in the fiscal year that begins next month on October 1.

But that plan appears to violate a clause in the federal Refugee Act of 1980 which requires the federal government and director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement to consult with local as well as state governments prior to the placement of any refugees within their boundaries.

“At this point it appears city leaders have not been informed of the details regarding this matter,” a spokesperson for Mayor Karen Weaver and the city of Flint tells Breitbart News.

It’s the same story with the government of Genesee County, in which Flint is located.

“As of this time the Genesee County Board of Commissioners has not been notified of any settlement of 100 refugees from Middle East – South Asia,” Jamie Curtis, Chairman of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners, tells Breitbart News through a spokesperson.

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10 Signs You’re a Basic Bitch in 2016

Ten signs you’re a basic bitch in 2016.

1) Constantly reminding everyone that you’re a vegan and obsessively chastising anyone who isn’t. Yeah, we get it. We know you’re a vegan. Change the f**king subject.

2) Taking point of view hand holding photos with your basic boyfriend. It’s not enchanting. It’s not unique. It’s just emasculating, nauseating, and cringeworthy.

3) Putting a flag filter on your Facebook profile image or tweeting #PrayFor (fill in the blank) to show solidarity after every terror attack or natural disaster. It’s not activism. It’s not helping anyone. It’s lame virtue signaling to score social brownie points.

4) Attending Burning Man. No explanation required.

5) Never shutting up about how many green smoothies you drink. Green smoothies are pseudo-science. They’re full of anti-nutrients that kill your metabolism. Green smoothies are basic bitch nutrition.

6) Posting photos of books by philosophers. Stop bullshitting us. We know you haven’t read them.

7) Signing online petitions to “ban all the things”. You’re not doing your bit for society, you’re just jumping on the latest slacktivist bandwagon.

8) Pretending to be continually amazed by “science and the universe,” while demonstrating no authentic interest or actual knowledge of science and the universe.

9) Showcasing your “cultural sensitivities” by traveling to shithole countries then coming home and bragging to all your friends about what “awe-inspiring” places they are. They’re not. They’re shitholes.

10) Posting empty “inspirational quotes” on social media to reassure yourself that your pointless life has meaning.

Newsflash: It doesn’t. You’re a basic bitch.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com.

Germany Torn Apart: Mob of 100 Neo-Nazis in Vicious Brawl with 20 Asylum Seekers who Goaded them into Violence

Refugees and neo-Nazis battled it out on the streets of an east German town on Wednesday night with police fighting to save the migrants outnumbered five to one.

But police said the asylum seekers started the confrontation – and later hurled bottles at the police trying to save them from a beating.

About 100 far-right men and women attacked some 20 asylum seekers in the town of Bautzen after the migrants taunted them. Video footage shows chaotic scenes as fighting breaks out in the German town.

It comes as German chancellor Angela Merkel continues to fight for her political life over her open-door policy on immigration with the threat of fresh gains by the right-wing populist AfD party.

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Hillary Clinton’s Nonexistent Diagnosis – No Such Condition As “Non Contagious Bacterial Pneumonia” in ICD-10…

There’s something very odd about the diagnosis that Dr. Lisa Bardack has presented for her patient Secretary Hillary Clinton, it’s doesn’t exist.

As you can see from the two-page letter presented today by Hillary Clinton’s doctor, she has been diagnosed with “mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia“.  However, there’s a problem….

hillary-health-14The International Classification of Diseases (ICD), an ObamaCare standard, is designed code all medical diagnostics.  According to ICD-9 codes, and the more current ICD-10 coding, there’s no such diagnosis as “non contagious bacterial pneumonia“.

Dr. Bardack apparently made it up.

Dr. Milton Wolf was the first to notice the issue:


(Source Link)

Dr. Wolf is entirely correct.  Here’s a link to ICD-10-CM Diagnostic coding.  There’s no such diagnosis.



Fake illnesses, fake diagnosis and fake tests.  All for a fake candidate.  Go figure.

Obama Announces A Plan To Bring In Up To Four Times As Many Syrian Refugees In 2017

In 2016, approximately 10,000 Syrian refugees were brought into the United States, but in 2017 that number could skyrocket to 40,000 under Barack Obama’s new plan.

Obama says that we must play our part in taking in those displaced by the ongoing Syrian civil war, but Republicans in Congress are outraged by this announcement and remain deeply concerned that there are terrorists among the refugees that are being brought in. The Obama administration insists that all refugees are being subjected to rigorous screening, but his critics are quite skeptical. Coming out of the midst of a five year civil war, documentation is scarce for many of these refugees, and there aren’t too many people that you can call over there that can serve as a solid reference at this point.

According to USA Today, the total number of refugees worldwide that will be brought in next year is scheduled to rise by 29 percent under Obama’s new plan…

The White House plans to sharply increase the number of refugees accepted by the United States to 110,000 in the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1, saying the move is necessary to help stem a migrant crisis gripping Europe and the Middle East.

The new target is a 29% increase over the 85,000 refugees accepted this fiscal year and a 57% hike over the 70,000 refugees allowed per year from 2013 to 2015.

Most of the mainstream news outlets that are talking about this story are not mentioning the number that will be admitted from Syria. And there is a good reason for this. According to NBC News, the number of refugees that will be brought in from “the Near East and South Asia” would rise to at least 40,000 under Obama’s plan, and “most of those are likely to be people escaping the brutal Syrian civil war”…

Of the 110,000 the U.S. intends to begin admitting at least 40,000 are from the Near East and South Asia, a White House senior administration official said. And most of those are likely to be people escaping the brutal Syrian civil war, even as many GOP lawmakers and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sound the alarm about terrorists in the midst of the refugees.

During fiscal year 2016, approximately 85,000 refugees were admitted to this country, and approximately 10,000 of those were Syrian refugees according to the federal Refugee Processing Center.

So if the number of Syrian refugees approaches 40,000 as Obama’s plan appears to indicate, that would mean that somewhere around four times as many Syrian refugees will be brought into this country next year.

If we were helping Christians and other minorities that are being brutally persecuted by ISIS that would be one thing. But instead, it is being reported that only 0.46% of the refugees in the U.S. are Christians, and 98.33 percent of them are Sunni Muslims.

ISIS is a Sunni Muslim terror organization. We should be focusing our help on the religious minorities that are being tortured, killed and driven from their homes by ISIS, but instead almost all of the refugees that are being brought in are on the same religious side of the fence as ISIS.

And it is important to note that surveys have discovered that a significant percentage of Syrian refugees actually have a favorable view of ISIS.

The chaos that Sunni refugees have caused in cities all over Europe has definitely shifted public opinion in the U.S. about taking in more refugees. One poll that was taken back in November found that 56 percent of all Americans disapprove of bringing in more Syrian refugees, and only 41 percent of all Americans approve.

But Obama is going ahead anyway. At this point he is a lame duck, and so he doesn’t really have to answer to anyone.

Some governors tried to stand up and say that they wouldn’t take any more refugees in their states. Unfortunately for those governors, the courts ruled against them

What happens next remains to be seen. Last year, with Syrian refugees flooding into Europe, the White House increased the number of refugees it would admit from the war-torn country. That led Republican governors in roughly two dozen states to express their opposition to receiving Syrians. Some governors filed lawsuits to stop refugees from coming to their states; they lost.

And so it is going to be up to Congress to try to do something.

As I have written about previously, it appears that the Syrian refugees that have been brought in so far have not been distributed on a uniform basis throughout the nation. According to the Obama administration, large cities such as Washington D.C. are deemed to be “too expensive” for the refugees, and there have been lots of reports of Syrian refugees being settled in smaller communities all over the country. In my previous article, this is how I described the impact that this could have…

If you drop a few hundred refugees into a major city of several million people, it isn’t going to make much of a difference. But if you drop a few hundred refugees into a small town that has only a few thousand people living there, you can start to fundamentally alter the character of the whole area. Could it be possible that this is yet another way that Barack Obama is attempting to “fundamentally transform” America?

Many people have asked why we have to take in so many Sunni refugees when wealthy Sunni nations such as Saudi Arabia haven’t taken in any.

And I think that is a legitimate question.

In the end, there has to be a balance. We want to help those that are fleeing the brutal religious persecution of ISIS, but we also want to be mindful of our own national security. I think that what House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte had to say about this was very appropriate

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) criticized the decision, saying policymakers should focus on reforming the nation’s system for admitting refugees rather than having the White House set goals.

“For generations, the United States has been a safe haven for people fleeing persecution. We must remain compassionate toward refugees but we also need to make sure that we use common sense,” Goodlatte said in a statement. “Unfortunately, President Obama unilaterally increases the number of refugees resettled in the United States each year and gives little thought as to how it will impact local communities. The president also continues to ignore warnings from his own national security officials and plans to bring in even more Syrian refugees over the next year.”

In Orlando we witnessed what a single lone wolf Islamic terrorist can do.

We need to use common sense, and we need to do the best that we can to make sure that the people that we are bringing in do not want to conduct their own personal jihads once they get here.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama has his own agenda, and it does not appear to be in the best interest of the United States.

Katie Couric Faces $12 Million Suit for Defaming Gun Owners

Former NBC journalist Katie Couric is being sued for $12 million by Second Amendment proponents who say she defamed them in her pro-gun control documentary, Under the Gun.

Several members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League who appeared in the documentary argue Couric and the movie’s producers “intentionally manipulated” and edited “misleading footage” making the gun owners appear in a negative light.

“The film contains false footage purporting to show members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League sitting silently, stumped, and avoiding eye contact for nearly nine seconds after Couric asked, ‘if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?’” the complaint submitted to the US District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia on Tuesday states.

“After nearly nine seconds of silent footage – instead of the responses that the VCDL members had actually provided – the Defendants inserted footage of someone closing the cylinder of a fully-loaded revolver, driving home the point that the exchange was over,” [emphasis theirs] the plaintiffs argue in court documents obtained by Infowars.com.

“The manipulated footage falsely informed viewers that the VCDL members had been stumped and had no basis for their position on background checks.”

Back in May, the Washington Free Beacon obtained audio from the actual interview in which Couric posed the question to VCDL members, revealing there was no awkward silence and instead showing members immediately responding to Couric.

Watch: Edited segment of documentary which deceptively shows VCDL members at a loss for words:

Listen: Actual audio of interview obtained by Washington Free Beacon:

The plaintiffs refer to the audio in their lawsuit.

“The exchange portrayed in the film is a work of fiction. Unedited audio recording of the exchange reveals that, in reality, Couric had expressly acknowledged that the VCDL members had an answer, and the VCDL members had not been stumped but had immediately begun explaining the bases for their position on background checks.” [emphasis theirs]

Following the Free Beacon’s revelations, Couric basically admitted fault, issuing a response saying she “took responsibility for a decision that misrepresented an exchange I had with members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL).”

“When VCDL members recently pointed out that they had in fact immediately answered this question, I went back and reviewed it and agree that those eight seconds do not accurately represent their response….I regret that those eight seconds were misleading and that I did not raise my initial concerns more vigorously.”

But the damage to VCDL members’ reputations had already been done, and furthermore the footage has not been removed from the film.

“The Defendants have not removed the manipulated footage from the film or replaced it with non-manipulated footage of the exchange that actually took place,” the lawsuit says. “To this day, the Defendants continue to promote and publish the film.”

The plaintiffs are asking for “compensatory damages of not less than $12 million,” in addition to covering court and lawyer fees, punitive damage awards to each Plaintiff in the amount of $350,000 and an injunction “prohibiting the Defendants from disseminating, distributing, or publishing any footage of the VCDL’s members… determined to be false.”

Check out the court docs below:

North Korea Could Have Enough Uranium For 6 Nuclear Bombs By 2017, Experts Say

North Korea will have enough material for about 20 nuclear bombs by the end of this year, with ramped-up uranium enrichment facilities and an existing stockpile of plutonium, according to new assessments by weapons experts.

The North has evaded a decade of U.N. sanctions to develop the uranium enrichment process, enabling it to run an effectively self-sufficient nuclear program that is capable of producing around six nuclear bombs a year, they said.

The true nuclear capability of the isolated and secretive state is impossible to verify. But after Pyongyang conducted its fifth and most powerful nuclear test last week and, according to South Korea, was preparing for another, it appears to have no shortage of material to test with.

North Korea has an abundance of uranium reserves and has been working covertly for well over a decade on a project to enrich the material to weapons-grade level, the experts say.

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Hacked Email: Colin Powell, Dem Donor Worried Over Clinton’s Health in 2015

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell and major Democratic donor Jeffrey Leeds worryingly discussed Hillary Clinton’s health in March of last year, hacked emails show.

The email exchange, provided to several journalists by D.C. Leaks, a website with ties to Guccifer 2.0 and potentially Russia, reveals how Clinton’s health has been a topic of discussion among political heavyweights for some time.

“On HD tv she doesn’t look good,” Powell, who is believed to have had around 30,000 emails hacked, wrote on March 14. “She is working herself to death… She will turn 70 her first year in office.”

In response, Leeds recalled a conversation with Rhode Island Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse regarding Clinton’s difficulty in traversing a set of steps.

“Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps,” Leeds wrote.

The back and forth will undoubtedly increase skepticism among American voters already worried over Clinton’s increasingly public health issues.

Despite Clinton’s checkered medical history in past years, including a severe concussion in 2012, media outlets until recently have attempted to dismiss concern of the candidate’s health as mere hearsay.

Clinton’s fainting episode at a 9/11 event in New York City Sunday, where the candidate’s limp body was seen being dragged into a security van, has seemingly shattered the media blockade.

The shocking incident, which was blamed on dehydration and overheating, quickly led to the admission that Clinton had been diagnosed with pneumonia only 2 days prior.

News of the ailment reinforced in many the belief that Clinton has been hiding her health issues from the public.

The following day former President Bill Clinton revealed during a CBS interview that Hillary has collapsed “on more than one occasion” allegedly due to dehydration.

“Frequently — well not frequently, rarely — but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated,” Bill said in an interview that was deceptively edited.

Hillary herself confirmed the statement later that day in an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, although she claimed to only recall fainting twice.

Clinton subsequently canceled a visit to California and stayed home to rest in Chappaqua, N.Y. on Monday and Tuesday.

CNN: “10 Million Americans Get Pneumonia Every Week”

During its never ending wall to wall Hillary defense babble, the Clinton News Network featured a panelist who claimed that Clinton’s illness isn’t a big deal because every week in America TEN MILLION people come down with pneumonia.

Hilary Rosen, a rampant Clinton apologist, assured CNN viewers that Hillary is just one of millions to be struck with the illness this week

“Are you worried at all that her being away for a day, two days, three days, we don’t know totally yet, could hurt her politically?” asked host Brooke Baldwin.

“Look, 10 million Americans a week catch pneumonia, Rosen said. “I don’t think people don’t begrudge her a couple day’s rest.”

“I think we have the candidates we have–you know, they are as healthy as they’re going to be, and I don’t have any doubt that either one of them will be healthy enough to be president,” Rosen added.

Rosen then suggested that the candidates releasing health records wasn’t really important.

“I’m going to disagree with the original premise, which is that the issues of this campaign are about health records and transparency and tax returns,” she said. “Tax returns I think matter because it says, ‘Will Donald Trump scam middle-class voters the way we think he’s probably scammed the IRS or not?’”

If Rosen’s medical expert assertions were to be taken as fact without question, then it would mean that 520 million Americans per year would be diagnosed with pneumonia.

Given that there are no more than 350 million people in America, that means that EVERYONE gets diagnosed with pneumonia every year, according to Rosen.

Hmmmmmmm. No.

In reality, according to most medical estimates, there are around three million cases of pneumonia a year.

Approximately 60,000 people die as a result of the condition., with around a third of the cases occurring in people over the age of 65. Current estimates suggest that approximately 4 out of every 100 American children develop pneumonia each year.

Will CNN issue a retraction? Unlikely.

More likely that they will just edit the comments out of transcripts, much like CBS News edited out Bill Clinton’s admission that Hillary has “frequently” suffered fainting episodes.

In an interview this week, Clinton said “Frequently — well, not frequently, rarely, on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing’s happened to her when she got severely dehydrated, and she’s worked like a demon…”

CBS edited out the words “Frequently — well, not frequently”, from both video footage and written transcripts of the interview, claiming they need to ‘save time’.

Your corporate media, giving you the facts as they make them up.


Steve Watson is a London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com

Hillary Least Popular Dem With Blacks Since 1960

Hillary Clinton has the lowest support among African-Americans as a Democratic presidential candidate since 1960.

The former Secretary of State only has around 73% of support from blacks, which is alarming for a Democratic candidate; usually a Democrat, win or lose, captures on average 87% of African-American support during a presidential election.

Before Hillary, the lowest since 1960 was Jimmy Carter with 83% during the 1980 election, which he lost to Ronald Reagan.

“Clinton recently spoke before a Black Baptist convention and was only able to fill 20% of the seats placed in the room,” reporter citizen-journalist Kevin Collins. “…The faked polls can say what they want, but Hillary Clinton is in deep trouble with exactly the groups she will need if she expects to win in November.”

With Hispanic voters, Clinton is only leading Trump by around 10 points, 46.8% to 36.2%.

And as Infowars reported earlier, voters are now more interested in Hillary’s numerous health problems than her political views.

The top Google searches related to Hillary include the terms “seizure,” “dead,” and “age,” according to Google’s autocomplete function.

In other words, people searching for Hillary Clinton are doing so due to her recent collapse at the 9/11 memorial and are wondering if she’s even still alive.

Concerns over her health were also fueled by photos showing Hillary wearing blue sunglasses at the memorial which are effective at treating photosensitive epilepsy – and Hillary also received a neurological test from someone who was reportedly a nurse.

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15 Yrs After 9/11: Govt Snake On A Plane

What happened on a flight, on the eve of the 15th anniversary of September 11th, is a perfect metaphor for what our governments have done in the War Of Terror against their citizens.

An Islamic migrant, consumed with hatred for non-Muslims, barely restrained and put on a commercial flight, terrorizing the passengers for 2 hours.

It took 15 years for the government to “allow” citizens to sue terrorists states that the US government’s official story says assisted in 9/11 attacks, yet they gave themselves a blank check to do anything, anywhere using the Authorization for the Use of Military Force — a Christmas tree on which they can hang anything.

We also look at Oliver Stone’s upcoming movie on Edward Snowden.

Stone has some interesting insights in to the motivation and character of Snowden.

Gulf States Condemn Bill Permitting 9/11 Families to Sue Saudi Arabia

A group of Persian Gulf states denounced legislation passed by the U.S. Congress last week that would allow the families of Sept. 11 victims to sue the Saudi Arabian government over its alleged links to terrorism.

The head of the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council, Abdullatif al-Zayani, said in a statement Monday that the bill stands “contrary to the foundations and principles of relations between states and the principle of sovereign immunity enjoyed by states,” Reuters reported.

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates also publicly condemned the legislation. UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan said in a statement that the law would negatively impact international efforts to combat terrorism.

The House unanimously passed the bill on Friday, roughly four months after the Senate approved the legislation in May. Congressional leaders called the legislation a “moral imperative.”

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