North Koreans mourn the death of Kim Jong Il… as West fears show of strength from nuclear state

Daily mail
Monday, December 19, 2011

North Koreans today took to the streets in a mass display of mourning following the death of the country’s dictator Kim Jong Il.

The 69-year-old died of a heart attack while on a train on Saturday due to a ‘great mental and physical strain’ during a ‘high intensity field inspection.’

The news has prompted South Korea and Japan to put their militaries on ‘high alert’ – with the U.S. saying it could postpone decisions on re-engaging North Korea in nuclear talks and providing it with food aid.

Observers also fear a behind-the-scenes power struggle, or nuclear instability, between the country’s military and politicians – despite the announcement his third son Kim Jong Un, 28, is to be his successor.

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