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Another Dim Bulb Terror Patsy Nabbed by FBI

Posted By kurtnimmo On January 9, 2012 @ 12:28 pm In Featured Stories,Old Infowars Posts Style,Tile | Comments Disabled

Kurt Nimmo
January 9, 2012

There is apparently no shortage of mental deficients who claim they are Muslims and are easily duped by FBI “undercover employees” into ludicrous terror plots that never materialize.

The latest stooge is Sami Osmakac, a naturalized Yugoslavian who made a video – no doubt at the urging of “undercover employees” – describing his desire to take out infidels. The video will undoubtedly make it easy for the government to convict the dim-witted would-be al-Qaedaite.

Go here for more details on this cartoonish escapade. It follows a rather predictable pattern established by the FBI.

Mr. Osmakac’s fantasy terror attack withers away to insignificance when compared to the real terror attack perpetuated against his former homeland by terrorists in the Clinton administration, the United Nations and NATO.

In 1999, Operation Allied Force killed around 2,000 civilians in Yugoslavia, 30 percent of them children. The aerial bombing campaign that lasted 78 days used not only cluster bombs, but depleted uranium. It was described as a “humanitarian” in the Clinton friendly establishment media.

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