Armed Pastor Defends Lives with a Gun “Out of Love”

“He told me to get on the ground. That’s when I pulled my weapon and said, ‘No, YOU get on the ground.’…I did it out of love”

David Knight
Oct. 24, 2013

The term “pastor” means shepherd — one who cares for and guards the sheep. In Christian churches, the idea of a pastor is based on one who in the words and example of Jesus “lays down his life for the sheep”. That is exactly what Pastor Carl Sanders of Evansville, Indiana, did when he confronted an armed robber to save “sheep” that had not taken measures to protect themselves. Pastor Sanders had the mindset of a shepherd and the tool to protect — a handgun.

Neither the FBI nor gun control groups keep statistics on lives saved by armed citizens who don’t shoot. But we should never forget the peaceful deterrence of a gun in the hands of a good man. Videos:

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