Local Police Chiefs Speak Out Against Concealed Weapons Proposal
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Local Police Chiefs Speak Out Against Concealed Weapons Proposal

WBAY | August 10, 2005

The battle over whether Wisconsin should allow people to carry concealed weapons is taking on a new fight. Local police chiefs are speaking out against the proposal.

Imagine if Wisconsin allowed you to carry a concealed weapon. Would you put it under your jacket? Maybe inside your purse? You don't know? Neither do police officers, which is exactly why they're opposed to the idea.

"I think this is an additional danger to my officers and I believe it will be an additional danger to the City of Green Bay," says Chief Craig Van Schyndle with the Green Bay Police Department.

Governor Doyle vetoed the proposal last year. The legislature will take it up again next month. But right now, police chiefs across Wisconsin say they need to keep all the guns they can in officers hands only.

"That's a lot of guns on the street that we've never encountered before," says Chief Richard Myers with the Appleton Police Department.

The chiefs worry if Wisconsin went to concealed carry, their officers would have no idea what they are getting into, even on routine traffic stops.

"I have a lot of respect for police officers. I will tell you, every single time a police officer stops a vehicle and goes up to a vehicle, treat that vehicle as if there's a gun in that vehicle, period. That's not a valid claim in my opinion," says De Pere Senator Alan Lasee
< P> Senator Lasee says it's because police officers can't be everywhere, like escorting a person carrying money out of work late at night, that gives people reason to carry a concealed weapon. It's an option that will no doubt be under fire from both sides this fall.

911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny