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911 Articles

[08/10/2006] Debunking Popular Mechanics\' 9/11 Lies
Popular Mechanics has re-entered the media circus in an attempt to continue its 9/11 debunking campaign that began in March of last year. A new book claims to expose the myths of the 9/11 truth movement, yet it is Popular Mechanics who have been exposed as promulgating falsehoods while engaging in nepotism, shoddy research and agenda-driven politics. » More

[08/09/2006] 9/11 Hit Pieces Get Just Plain Stupid: Part 1
Recent advances in the public profile of the 9/11 truth movement, owed in part to C-Span\'s airing of the American Scholars Symposium and Oliver Stone\'s World Trade Center movie, have provoked a slurry of new hit pieces against 9/11 truth activists. Most are characterized by their twilight zone illogicality and inability to get basic facts correct. » More

[08/08/2006] Fakes on a Plane
Thanks to this active online community, 9-11 Truth seekers don\'t need Stone to see their theories propounded in cinematic form. In the half-decade since 2001, as a loose congeries of varied political fringe groups and conspiracy hounds melded with a newly radicalized crop of Bush-burnt Americans to form a growing network of like-minded skeptics, the movement has fostered a robust filmmaking subculture of its own. Nearly 20 feature-length videos have been circulating through its ranks, first on DVD, more recently for free through video services like Google and YouTube. Directors have become important figures within the movement. » More

[08/08/2006] An indictment of Mr. Conspiracy
The filmmaker\'s latest release, \"World Trade Center,\" does not engage in any of the cloak-and-dagger mumblings that have made the rounds, particularly on the Internet, in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. All this has conspiracy theorists very disappointed. They figured if anyone would be willing to — as they see it — challenge the \"official\" version of events, it would be Mr. \"JFK\" himself. » More

[03/27/2006] Form letters tell 9/11 families of 911 calls
The mayor\'s office is sending form letters this weekend to the families of 24 victims of the 9/11 attacks, informing them of unreleased recordings of 911 calls made by their loved ones. » More

[03/21/2006] Agent blames FBI for blocking investigation before Sept. 11
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[03/17/2006] Is Another 9/11 in the Works?
If you were President George W. Bush with all available US troops tied down by the Iraqi resistance, and you were unable to control Iraq or political developments in the country, would you also start a war with Iran?\n » More

[03/13/2006] Pakistan weekly spills 9/11 beans
The Pakistan foreign office had paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobbyists in the US to get anti-Pakistan references dropped from the 9/11 inquiry commission report, The Friday Times has claimed. » More

[03/13/2006] Judge halts al Qaida trial over \'coaching\'
An angry federal judge unexpectedly recessed the death penalty trial of confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui to consider whether government violations of her rules against coaching witnesses should remove the death penalty as an option. » More

[02/27/2006] Official: Smart cameras, armed guards to protect WTC site
Some day, at the new and rebuilt World Trade Center site, visitors might submit to an iris scan or an analysis of their thumb print to get into buildings, while smart cameras try to match their faces to a photo database of known terrorists. Well-paid, armed guards would be on patrol while sensors test the air for lethal gases. \n » More

[02/24/2006] Avoiding the hard questions
I was 8 years old when President John Kennedy was shot to death in Dallas in 1963. If grace favors me, I\'ll be 62 when documents related to the assassination are released to the public, and 84 when the Warren Commission\'s investigative files into the tragedy are finally opened. » More

[02/23/2006] Village Voice Hit Piece Attacks 9/11 Skeptics
A new hit piece is doing the rounds that seeks to portray the 9/11 truth movement as an almost evangelical orthodoxy with ties to Neo-Nazi organizations.Jarrett Murphy\'s \'The Seekers\' article in the Village Voice newspaper is a smarmy attempt to scoff at alternative explanations behind 9/11.Murphy\'s attack begins by suggesting truth seekers are sub-human social outcasts who meet in underground basements and clutch 9/11 books as if they were bibles on judgment day. » More

[02/08/2006] Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse
A former Wall Street Journal editor and a man credited with the success of \'Reaganomics\' has finally broken ranks and brought into question the unexplained collapse of the twin towers and WTC building 7. » More

[11/28/2005] Hollywood, Iraq and 9/11: Reinforcing the Party Line
Moviegoers in the upcoming months will be bombarded by films about the Iraq war and 9/11. These movies will uniformly reinforce the official party line that 9/11 was carried out by 19 Arabs with box cutters and that the invasion of Iraq was a heroic act of liberation in the defense of America. » More

[11/17/2005] Why did the 9/11 Commission ignore \"Able Danger\"?
It was interesting to hear from the 9/11 Commission again on Tuesday. This self-perpetuating and privately funded group of lobbyists and lawyers has recently opined on hurricanes, nuclear weapons, the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and even the New York subway system. Now it offers yet another \"report card\" on the progress of the FBI and CIA in the war against terrorism, along with its \"back-seat\" take and some further unsolicited narrative about how things ought to be on the \"front lines.\" » More

[11/16/2005] N.Y. to Lose $125 Million in 9/11 Aid
Congressional budget negotiators have decided to take back $125 million in Sept. 11 aid from New York, which had fought to keep the money to treat sick and injured ground zero workers, lawmakers said Tuesday. » More

[11/11/2005] Professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC
The physics of 9/11 — including how fast and symmetrically one of the World Trade Center buildings fell — prove that official explanations of the collapses are wrong, says a Brigham Young University physics professor. » More

[11/11/2005] Professor thinks bombs, not planes, toppled WTC
The physics of 9/11 — including how fast and symmetrically one of the World Trade Center buildings fell — prove that official explanations of the collapses are wrong, says a Brigham Young University physics professor. » More

[10/27/2005] Port Authority found negligent in \'93 WTC bombing
A jury Wednesday found the Port Authority negligent in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center -- a long-awaited victory for victims of the terrorist attack that killed six people and injured more than 1,000 eight years before the Sept. 11 attack destroyed the buildings. » More

[10/24/2005] Case For WTC Tower Demolition Sealed By Griffin
In two speeches to overflow crowds in New York last weekend, notable theologian David Ray Griffin argued that recently revealed evidence seals the case that the Twin Towers and WTC-7 were destroyed by controlled demolition with explosives. » More

[10/20/2005] Smithsonian To Head To Ground Zero?
After International Freedom Center Plans Scrapped, Smithsonian Could Be Moving In » More

[10/20/2005] Congressman wants new Able Danger probe
A vocal House Republican is calling for a new probe into what he says is a \"witch-hunt\" by defense officials against a Sept. 11 intelligence whistleblower. » More

[10/06/2005] C.I.A. Chief Refuses to Seek Discipline for 9/11 Officials
The C.I.A. will not pursue disciplinary action against George J. Tenet, a former director, or anyone else among current or former officials singled out by an inspector general for poor performance on counterterrorism before Sept. 11, 2001, the agency said today.\n » More

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