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Alex Jones in London - Reports on the way

Prisonplanet | August 1, 2005
By Steve Watson

Alex Jones today returned to Texas after a flying visit to London to document the current police state developments and the aftermath of the bombings along with the continued debate over Iraq.

Reports are on the way, but I can reveal now that the trip was an overwhelming success and extremely productive. Alex met up with myself and Paul Watson to shoot footage around London and interview people on the streets for three days over the weekend. The police state activity we witnessed was almost overwhelming and we were all almost arrested several times simply for attempting to document what is happening here.

Nevertheless around 30 hours of tape in total was captured and readers/subscribers should look forward to some great, perhaps THE greatest activist footage Alex has ever produced.

Big name interviews with British political figures, analysis of all the bombing sites and historical and modern elite sites in London, interviews with Londoners, Very special footage of Alex at The Houses of Parliament, all this and more is on its way.

Tune in to Alex's show, featuring Paul, for a full analysis of the whole weekend tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd August 2005).


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