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'All The Hallmarks Of Al Qaeda' - NOT

Philip Hoag | July 12, 2005

A. Synchronized timing devices ........not triggered by suicide bombers (CNN)

B. "high explosives" .......not homemade material...The bombs used in the attacks held less than 10 pounds of explosives each. (CNN)


Explosions In London
Who Stands To Gain? Israel Warned Before Blast, Cover-up in Progress

C. Bombs had 'level of sophistication' ...military grade...attacks had used timers.... "In Israel we've had coordinated (suicide) bombings but they've never been that close," ..."If they've got down to a minute that would be an all-time record." (CNN)
Prime Minister Tony Blair said investigators still don't know who was behind the attacks, but said a group like al Qaeda was probably responsible ????

1. Synchronized timing devices
2. Bombs with a high 'level of sophistication'
3. Military grade explosives
4. Closely coordinated bombings down to a minute

al Qaeda was probably responsible ????

It sounds more like all the hallmarks of a Western intelligence service.


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