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SkyNews | July 25, 2005

Police have named two of the suspects they believe were responsible for failed bomb attacks in London on Thursday.


Explosions In London

Anti-terror bosses believe 27-year-old Muktar Said Ibraihim may have tried to set off a bomb on the number 26 bus in the Bank area.

Yasin Hassan Omar, 24, is believed to have attempted to set off a similar device on the Victoria Line near Warren Street station.

Police think the bombers may be preparing to strike again while being harboured at safe houses in the capital.

Senior officers said there was no indication they had fled Britain after the failure of their original mission.

Police have received more than 500 calls and 80 emails since releasing CCTV images of the four suspects.

They are being hunted in connection with attempted bomb attacks on trains at Oval, Warren Street and Shepherd's Bush and on a No 26 bus in Shoreditch.

Police are still continuing to question a third man in connection with last Thursday's attempted attacks.

The man was arrested following a raid on a property at Tulse Hill on Saturday.

Armed police were captured on amateur video storming a council estate on Scotia Road.

The flat under siege was in the same block where Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes lived.

The 27-year-old was killed by armed police at Stockwell tube station on Friday.

Two men previously arrested in Stockwell in connection with the attempted attacks are still being held at high security Paddington Green police station.


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911:  The Road to Tyranny