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7/7 Bus Bomb Survivor Contradicts Official Story
First hand witness testimony tells of strange occurrences in bombing aftermath

Infowars.net | February 2, 2007
Steve Watson & Alex Jones

Alex Jones was joined on air this week by Daniel Obachike, the man who was on the lower deck of the number thirty bus that exploded in Tavistock Square in London on 7/7/05, to give an exclusive account of what he saw and a preview of his soon to be published narrative, The 4th Bomb .

Last December we detailed how Daniel's forthcoming book will claim that the Hackney bus was diverted to Tavistock Square by two unmarked cars which then left the scene at high speed after the drivers had conversed with police in the area.

In a further report last month Daniel provided more information, revealing that he witnessed several "agents" as he calls them, seemingly with assigned tasks, calmly coordinating the scene in the immediate aftermath, before paramedics arrived and whilst many lay injured, dead or dying.

"I'm just a regular guy, I was born and bred and work in London, and that day I was on my way to work in Old Street, and there was some kind of disruption going on. We were told that it was a power surge [on the underground] and that's how I came to be on the bus." Daniel Said.

He went on to describe the seconds that led up to blast in Tavistock Square:

"And then after that the bus left Euston, full of passengers who had also been evacuated, and the bus seemed to be going nowhere, so I looked out of the... because I was standing on the lower deck because I wasn't sure whether I was on the correct bus. And then I peered ahead and I saw these two cars, which were a mercedes and a BMW, blue and black, which seemed to be in front of the bus, holding it up, and it was diverted about four or five minutes later down towards Tavistock square.

After the explosion, you can understand, I was on the floor. It took about five seconds til the noise had actually quieted down, then I just got up and ran, escaped, I ran straight down the street."

After a few paces down the street Daniel said he saw a man filming him:

"He was holding a camera, it looked like a camcorder, he was walking towards me filming the bus itself. I was confused by this and stopped, skidded to a halt. Then I looked left, right to see what was going on, then looked behind me and saw the bus, the upper deck of which had been completely destroyed by the bomb explosion.

I think at that point my mind must have just changed... I was really, not frightened but I was aware that something amiss was going on. I was looking at the people moving into the actual space on the square. There were guys who were hanging around. There was a row of policemen who were just standing there in yellow fluorescent jackets, they weren't doing anything, they were just watching. There was this guy filming and I'm saying 'what is going on here'. It didn't feel right."

On his website Daniel provides the image opposite which he says shows him in the background after the blast, before police moved everyone away from the scene.

Contrary to other witness reports, Daniel says he did not see any asian man on the lower deck of the bus, nor did he see an asian man get on the bus at any time.

In an interview shortly after 7/7, Nurse Terence Mutasa, of University College Hospital, said two women he treated told him: "Some guy came down to the bottom deck and exploded." Pedestrian Jody Ward, 36, said: "There was a huge bang and a mound of flesh at my feet. It was a torso blown apart."

The Mirror newspaper reported that:

Police believe the suicide bomber was heading for the Underground. Fearing he was unable to reach his intended target, he set off his bomb descending from the top deck.

Police later changed initial reports that the bomber was on the lower deck, and located him on the upper deck of the bus.

Daniel went on to describe a man who got his attention, after the blast, as he appeared to be injured but was acting very strangely:

"So I went and helped some woman who was walking by the bus, she was covered in blood, i helped her to get some kind of help at a hotel which was further down the square, and I passed this gentleman who seemed to have acquired some kind of injuries, but I couldn't understand for the life of me how this was possible because he was forty, fifty metres away from the bus itself. So he was making a lot of noise and trying to get people's attention, but I just saw his actual injuries as fake.

He was rolling around on the pavement fifty metres in front of the bus yet the bus bomb blew backwards, one lady at the back, I was standing in the centre of the bus, she actually died, and someone walking behind the bus also died. "

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Daniel says that he remembers seeing both a bandage around the man's head, and a neat tear in his trouser leg, along the seam within 60 seconds of the explosion, and claims that this person was some kind of intelligence operative that was quickly whisked away after the bomb had gone off.

"There were a lot of people observing I noticed, some people were running forward, the medical staff and the medical professionals, you could tell who they were because they were seeing what they could try and do for people. But then there were these other people who were just watching, taking notes, organising people, moving things.

Within twenty-five seconds [of the explosion] I had witnessed the cameraman, and it was around fifteen seconds after that that I actually noticed this chap, so it was within forty-five seconds he was with some kind of head bandage and lying on the street and I don't know how he got there because if it was the bus blast he must have been flung about forty to fifty feet and that is not really feasible with the injuries which he was displaying."

Daniel went on to say that he believes this man had prior knowledge and prior intelligence and was placed at the scene for some ulterior purpose.

"I conducted a search of my own online because a few days after the 7th of July his picture was everywhere, it has now been totally pulled, I mean it wasn't on any of the BBC websites, it wasn't on any of the international news sites, you just couldn't find this guy. I actually spent about two days searching and I got two images of him and that's what you see on www.the4thbomb.com "

Those images are displayed again here:

Daniel went on to describe others that he saw closing in on the scene immediately after the blast:

"There were about four guys in blue bottoms, and who had rucksacks, they were kind of foot soldier types, there were about two or three people who were just standing in the doorways, just watching everything and there was another guy who was coordinating everything, he was in plain clothes and was coordinating police, when they finally came forward to actually do something."

Daniel then described in further detail what happened when the bus was diverted by unmarked cars and then proceeds to tell the story of how police at first did not want to take his testimony, then later hounded him for six to seven months after the event. Daniel describes in detail how he was overtly followed to and from his home and work on many occasions and how he received intimidating phone calls.

He also stated that from what he saw on that day, and has since researched, he categorically does not believe that Hassib Hussein carried out the bus bombing.

Listen to the whole fascinating interview by clicking here

Daniel says he has more information on the way and will keep us posted over the coming weeks in the run up to the release of his book, The 4th Bomb . We will be sure to bring you further updates.


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