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Commuter emergency kit sales up

BBC News | July 29, 2005

Sales of a survival kit for commuters have rocketed since the bombings in London on 7 July.


Explosions In London

The kit, which fits in a backpack or handbag, contains a particle mask to filter out dust, a torch, whistle, water and antiseptic wipes.

SurvivalBox.co.uk, the Surrey-based company which sells the packs on the internet, said its sales had risen by 150% in the past three weeks.

The business was started by a survivor of the 11 September attacks.

Several thousand more kits have been sold since the bombings in London, according to managing director Simon Johnson.

He said: "People are buying the kits to reassure themselves about travelling on the underground.

"Our customers want to demonstrate that they are not afraid. Having a commuter kit gives them the confidence to go back on the tube."


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