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Residents still shut out of homes

London Evening Standard | July 13, 2005

Evacuated residents have still not been allowed to return to their homes after many spent the night at a sport centre.


Explosions In London

The area around Alexandra Grove in Burley, Leeds, remained sealed off and uniformed police patrolled each of the access roads.

The site where military experts carried out a controlled explosion to gain access to a premises with armed police could still not be seen.

Up to 600 people were evacuated from their homes following police concerns for public safety at around 11.30am on Tuesday and a West Yorkshire Police spokesman said the evacuation would remain in place for as long as it was needed.

Around 40 people spent the night on camp beds at the Kirkstall Sports Centre, while others stayed with family and friends in the community.

The force spokesman said there was no timescale for reopening the roads around the area.



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