London bombers may have been tricked into setting off bombs: Police
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London bombers may have been tricked into setting off bombs: Police

GG2 | July 18, 2005

BRITISH police are considering the possibility that the four key suspects in the recent London attacks may have been tricked into setting off their bombs – according to the police, as of now, there is no evidence that those who set off the bombs were suicide bombers.


Explosions In London

MI5 said bomber was not a threat

"We do not have hard evidence that the men were suicide bombers. It is possible that they did not intend to die,” a Scotland Yard spokesman said.

According to one police hypothesis, the bombers were tricked by a "master” who told them they would have time to escape — when, in fact, the devices were set to go off immediately.

"The bombers’ master might have thought that he couldn’t risk the four men being caught and spilling everything to British interrogators,” an unnamed security official has said.

Lending weight to the theory is the fact that all four men had paid up their parking tickets before boarding a train at Luton for King’s Cross and that they all bought return tickets to the Capital.

Moreover, the paper said, the men were carrying their explosives inside rucksacks, as opposed to strapped to their bodies, as is common practice among suicide bombers.

None were reported to have cried "Allah-o-Akbar” before setting off their charge — something which most suicide bombers do.

"It is possible they were duped into believing there would be a delay, but what we know is that they carried bombs onto Tubes and a bus and set them off, killing themselves and innocent people,” one senior officer said.


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