London tube incidents: Are you affected?
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London tube incidents: Are you affected?

BBC News | July 21, 2005

Dummy explosions using detonators only have sparked the evacuation of three Tube stations and the closure of three lines.


Explosions In London

Police have cordoned off large areas around Warren Street, Oval and Shepherd's Bush Tube stations.

Emergency services have also attended an incident on a route 26 bus in Hackney Road in Bethnal Green.

A spokesman for London Underground has said the nature of the incidents was unknown.

If you are in the areas concerned send us your comments using the form.

Were you caught up in any of the incidents? If you have any photos send them to

The following comments reflect the balance of opinion we have received so far:

The roads outside were promptly closed to traffic
Kevin Beurle, London
I was on the train at Oval. There was an automatic announcement between Stockwell and Oval that one of the passenger alarms had been activated. After a while standing at the platform at Oval, we were ordered off the train and out of the station. As we passed the second carriage, we could see an intact-looking medium sized dark rucksack that had been left on a seat. Emergency vehicles starting arriving quickly, then in huge numbers and variety. The roads outside were promptly closed to traffic, then a pedestrian exclusion area was extended increasingly far away and sniffer dogs deployed at street level.
Kevin Beurle, London

I was sitting on Warren Street having my lunch, when all of a sudden, waves of police, ambulance and fire trucks came flying up the street. The police quickly evacuated everyone - dealing with the situation very well indeed. They made me feel a bit safer.
Jamie Goldsmith, London, UK

I was on the District Line this morning when at about 10am they announced that much of the Central Line was suspended because of an unattended bag at Shepherd's Bush.
Linda, London, UK

I am currently in a government building in Ludgate Hill. The road has been cordoned off and all staff have been advised to stay on one side of the building. Staff are not allowed to leave at this time
Olive Essien, London

I had been shopping in Oxford Street when I passed Oxford Circus and noted it had been closed down. I then contacted by my boyfriend, worried sick about my safety as he'd been trying to get hold of me for over an hour, and he told me about the bombings. I had to walk home from there diverting away from Warren Street in order to reach Kings Cross. Living only 5 mins away from Kings Cross puts things in perspective after this latest incident. But 'we will not be moved' away from our home because of it.
Carrie White, Kings Cross, London

My tube stop is the 0val as I live just down the road. I have every intention of getting the tube home tonight and if the Northern Line and Oval tube station is open, I will go home my usual way.
Kate, London

I work up the road from Warren Street. Our street has been blocked off and we have been advised to stay in until further notice. There is a huge police presence but not much information at the moment. We are pretty calm here and getting on with work as best as possible. I pray they catch whoever is responsible for trying to terrorise us!
Michelle Lloyd, London, Tottenham court road

I work on Fleet Street and the area is being blocked off now (16:56). My co-worker got on a bus, and the police boarded and kicked everyone off and told them to go back in their offices. We had an announcement over the PA saying we can not leave the building. Not sure what is happening outside..
Laura, London

I was at Piccadilly at 1pm and there were police everywhere. I got on a bus to come back down to Bond Street where I work, and they have closed Oxford Circus, and the streets are full of people panicking. Think we are going to have another nightmare week on the tubes. Take care everyone.
Leah, London

My office is Euston Tower and overlooks Warren Street. I am on the 33rd floor and we have been asked to move to the north side of our building as a precaution. we are all in talking and saying that we will just get on with it; as we will not be stopped doing our everyday activities.
Bernard Humphrey, London

The fear on people's faces, it's very sad that we have to live like this in our city.
Calvin Greene, London

Got to Waterloo and made my way to the Jubilee line. I was then evacuated from there, but due to the number of false alarms recently I thought some idiot had just forgotten a bag. So I walked to Southwark and caught the Tube from there, only to be evacuated at Canary Wharf as well. This time round feeling a lot more worried. But just as before there was no panic.
David Rees, Wimbledon, UK

I was actually on the Shepherds Bush train, on another carriage. I heard a bang then there was smoke, people were panicking. I'm still a bit shook up from the whole ordeal. I saw everyone trying to get out of the train.
Mo, London, UK

I was walking towards Warren Street at around 1:20ish when it seemed like the whole of the emergency services descended upon the station. They immediately cordoned off the area. I did not see any smoke or casualties at the time even I though think it must have occurred literally minutes before I got there.
Martin, Ilford

I was on my lunch break chilling behind TCR. Noticed all the traffic and the sirens but took this as standard now in London. Friend then called telling me a nail bomb had gone off at Warren St. Instinct took over and I tried to get back to my office - lots of people milling around confused all looking for information. Some guy was being interviewed on TCR. He had 2 pairs of shoes in his hands that people had left in their panic from Warren St. He looked pretty shaken. Mobile network was down and I feared the worst.
Phil Hankinson, London

I work opposite Warren Street station and can see the tube station from here. We have been told to stay away from the windows. At the moment everyone is calm and we have been doing head counts to make sure everyone is ok. Some of our colleagues have gone out to lunch and have not been allowed back into the building. There are at least 15 police cars, fire engines and paramedics from what I could see on stand-by. There are also people wearing chemical overalls, not to mention sniffer dogs. People have been moved further back from the station. We are pretty shaken not to mention angry at the people who think it is ok to endanger our lives this way. I just hope everyone is safe. We've pulled through it once, we will pull through it again.
T Rahman, London, UK

As soon as it stopped at the next stop I ran off
Ann Gallagher, London, England
I just returned from holiday and today was the first day I used public transport in London. I got on a 26 bus at 10.45 on Hackney Road and at a certain point a guy in front of me pointed to a bag in the luggage area and asked if it was mine. We then moved quickly to the back of the bus and as soon as it stopped at the next stop I ran off. Thinking I was letting my imagination run away with me I walked to Liverpool Street and unable to get the Circle line (via Aldgate) as usual I took the Central Line. In my carriage were 2 kids behaving oddly, talking loudly (in I don't know what language), waving their arms about and pointing at people, making everyone very nervous. I lasted till Tottenham Court Road then ran off the train and walked the rest of the way to my office. I dismissed these incidents as due to collective nervousness but then when I heard the news at lunchtime.....
Ann Gallagher, London, England

Suspect package apparently found in Charring Cross road at Cambridge Circus. Armed police and I think bomb squad in attendance. Public being kept back from area.
Dave Green, London, UK

I have not been affected by the attacks, but what annoys me is that Sir Ian Blair says get back on the trains and buses. Does he travel to work on them? As a British Muslim I am sick to death of militant Muslims. I left Iraq 10 years ago, I will never go back. I don't completely agree with the war no that we have Saddam. However, the hate was there years before I left.
Abu Hitash, London (UK)

I was in Great Titchfield Street and we were evacuated due to the bomb in Warren Street - very scary - but they must not win - they achieve nothing but resilience from us
Julia Plumb, Reigate Surrey

My daughters, 19 and 12, together with a 17-year-old friend from America, passed through Shepherd's Bush minutes before the explosion. It was almost an hour before I was able to contact them because mobile networks were overloaded/ jammed. We Londoners must not be cowed! We have the right to live our lives in freedom.
Claire Bailey, Chiswick, London

I was sitting on Warren Street having my lunch, when all of a sudden, waves of police, ambulance and fire trucks came flying up the street. The police quickly evacuated everyone - dealing with the situation very well indeed. They made me feel a bit safer.
Jamie Goldsmith, London, UK

It took me more than an hour to get into work today because of a security alert at Shepherds Bush. I was on the Central Line. I am wondering if the security alert in the morning is linked any way to what has happened this afternoon especially the incident around Shepherd's Bush Tube station.
Nizam Dorasat, London

My office is very close to Warren Street station and as I returned from my lunch, I could hear sirens all around. The police have completely cordoned off the Clipstone Street. They have asked us to stay inside the building and keep all windows shut as precaution.
Azfar Rashid, London, UK

My office is just round the corner from St Paul's - I was out for lunch and was wandering back to my office when Police stopped us from getting back in. Whatever it was that was happening at St Paul's was cleared soon after, as we were let back into the office about 10 minutes later.
Jordan Dias, London, UK

I was waiting for the train to arrive on the platform and suddenly there was an announcement making sure everyone leaves the station. Many people were panicking and couldn't believe this was actually happening. It was very shocking.
Alex Okpongete, Shepherd's Bush

My office is on Euston Road between Warren St and Great Portland St. The police have cleared people right away from Warren St; the barricades now extend almost up to Great Portland St.
Victoria, London

I was driving the van along the Bethnal Green Rd on my way towards the office in Finsbury Park, North London. I turned on to Columbia Rd, and then on to Hackney Rd, where I saw the evacuated bus with its windows blown out. There were confused looking policemen everywhere, and as I continued on my journey every 30 seconds or so another police vehicle would zoom past at high speed! It's a very uneasy day to be travelling in London that's for sure!
Bob Houghton, London

I was inside London Bridge station when all these policemen and tube staff came and told us all to get off the station quickly... Everyone was kind of in panic because of the incidents before. This is such a shame... Because I love London and I want this city to carry on!!
Daniela Cecilia, Brazil

Even if this latest attack was not planned in order to cause large numbers of casualties, the success lies in bringing London to a standstill once again and instilling a sense of fear, panic and paranoia among its citizens. Let us hope and pray it's not a sign of things to come.
Ed Cairns, London

The police have cordoned off the block surrounding St Albans City Station due to a suspect rucksack left in the vicinity. Experts to execute controlled explosions just attended the scene 15 minutes ago.
Michelle Hoyte, St Albans, Herts, UK

When I arrived at Tooting Broadway station at 12.55, it was closed due to an incident at Oval. I took a train from Balham to Victoria, the underground was closed when I arrived at Victoria due to 3 incidents on the tube that the driver announce over the tanoy, I walked to Embankment and the district tube line was open by the time I arrived, approx 2pm, however, as I was walking away from Embankment Tube through Embankment Gardens I heard a small bang and people running away from the tube station, the bang wasn't very loud and this may well be nothing.
Anon, London

I was on the Warren Street tube, heading north on the Northern Line, when just before reaching Warren Street, the tube driver made an unclear announcement. I heard the word "emergency" but couldn't understand the rest of the announcement. When the tube doors opened, we heard panicked people towards the front of the tube screaming and running along the platform towards the back of the tube, then run through the passageway to the southbound platform and up the escalator.
Kim Howey, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (PhD student at UCL)

My boyfriend works in Warren Street they are now being evacuated from the building they work

My colleagues and I are all wondering how we are going to get home! At least no-one has been seriously hurt.
Jerome, Regent Street, London

We are free people and will always be, no matter the scale of their terror.
Isaac Amoah, Stratford

We need to carry on, we can't let them win
Mel, London

I am safe in my Yorks village but my heart goes out to you.
Mag P, Yorks

London keep your chin up. Hitler, IRA, did not beat us, don't let this lot win.
Michelle, East Ham

I was at Warren Street when it happened and am shaken but outraged to be frightened in my own city.
Jennie, Camden

It's becoming increasingly difficult for us Londoners to feel safe when travelling around our city. Given what happened just over a week ago, one would think that the increased security presence would have prevented further attacks. We live in hope that there will be no more blasts.
Buki Davies, London

I was in area of the Oval when it all went off. Hope everyone's ok. We have to stop these attacks.
John Mcleod, London

Nobody knew really what was going on
Leo Andrews, London
I was on a No 24 bus between Goodge Street and Warren Street travelling up Tottenham Court Road. The bus was moving very slowly and there were sirens everywhere. I got off the bus at the next opportunity and walked on foot up to the police cordon. As I walked up, there were loads of empty buses parked up on Tottenham Court Road. I saw a big presence from the emergency services with police sniffer dogs in attendance. The police started moving the cordon back so I cleared out of the area and started walking back towards Oxford Street, where I work, via some of the back streets. Nobody knew really what was going on.
Leo Andrews, London

I was on the tube, this morning on my way to work, when someone noticed that there was a luggage left alone, we all looked at each other in horror and could not wait to leave at the next station (Shepherds Bush Central Line). Now, I am hearing about those incidents ...! I work in Shepherds Bush live in Brixton near Oval, and have no intention to take the tube tonight! I'm sick and tired of those terrorists attacks.
Jessica, London, England

We (ie the government and peaceful citizens) should stand vigilantly in combating this treat be it a hoax or real. All public transports (buses, trains coaches etc) should be beefed up with security, more armed guard should patrol the street and we should start praying whoever is behind this fail and be exposed
David, London

Was on the Northern Line platform at Euston and due to go south via Warren Street Station when they asked everybody to evacuate. In doing so it was surprising to note that the escalators usually going down were not reversed to go up, this of course meant much longer time to get up and out
Gert Andresen, London

We feel that more action needs to be taken in this major issue of terrorisim! The people of London are under severe threat & this must not be allowed to happen. More security measures need to be enforced to ensure the safety of people.
Claire and Michael, Liverpool

I was in the Shoreditch area after the tubes were cordoned off. Very different from the other week as people were more scared now. They knew what had happened and it could happen again. Odd time as well - lunchtime.
Sarina Jesudason, London

First reports suggest that there are no serious injuries or fatalities thankfully, but it appears that us Londoners had better get used to this. It's a very unappealing prospect. The only thing we can do is work with the peaceful Muslim majority to help them root out hate-filled extremists, and reconsider our foreign policy which has made us such a target.
Steve Roberts, London

I work at University College London near Warren Street Tube, and was outside when the police started to corden off the area. I asked a news reporter who told me suspect packages had been found on the underground and on a bus in Hackney. Persumably the Policemen were told why they were clearing the area, and I feel the public have a right to know what is happening in their city, especially in times of general panic.
Christopher Parker, London UK

I went out to lunch at 1pm ish near Warren Street. I knew that something was happening because the amount of police sirens and helicopters flying about. I use Warren St and the Vicky Line every day. I hope we hear more news soon. Be safe everyone...
Gillian, London, UK

I am a student residing in the area of Warren Street. This incident has shaken me out completely and I am afraid to say I have lost my calm.
Prarthana Borah, London, UK

I was on my way back from Camden to where I work next to the BT cellnet tower - they're getting everyone off buses and we had to walk round by Great Portland Street. My friend's office is right opposite and he can't get anywhere near it. Everyone's a bit shaken and confused again - thought this was over.
Mary, London

I work further down Tottenham Court Road in Stephen Street, and I witnessed roughly 10 plus Police cars, fire engine and an ambulance/paramedic car heading in the direction of Warren Street. Traffic is heavy and several police vans had trouble passing the traffic. There seemed to be a lot of people on the street standing watching the emergency services going past.
Chris Meads, London

Friends of mine are paramedics - they report that one of the stations has been ruled out, and the bus was just a coincidence. There was a fight and it just so happened to be reported at the same time as the evacuations. They are still taking the other two stations very seriously.
Richard Howse, Bracknell

| work on Charlotte Street - just out getting my lunch on Tottenham Court Road and everyone got evacuated out of Pret. Lots of people around, lots of police, they keep pushing the cordon back further and further. Very strange atmosphere esp. in light of what happened two weeks ago.
Ceris Lane, London

I was at Shepherds Bush when there seemed to be something going on. I had ironically come from the hospital and wondered why there were more police and lots of delays forming with the tube. There was no smoke that I could see and the tube staff or police were not saying much - it seemed as if they had been told not to say anything. Many hundreds of us had to catch the bus, which were of course very hot and full. I hope these were not bombs and only people reporting suspect packages.
Gary Malcolm, Acton, London

I was outside Warren Street when the Appliances started to turn up. There must be at least 20 to 30 vehicles there now. They have been coming for over half an hour 6-6, then another 5-6 and so on. There has been about 5 waves. I did not see any smoke or hear a noise.
Chris Dawson, London

I am overlooking Warren Street from UCLH and they have now extended the cordon. All emergency services seem to have been pulled away from Warren Street tube. No signs of any casualties at the moment
Will Downie, London

I was on a train on the Bakerloo line at the time of the incidents. It stopped for some time in Maida Vale station, before the driver came on the tannoy sounding panicked and told everyone to "evacuate, evacuate". Everyone ran up the steps and we're now waiting to hear more.
Russell Middleton, London, UK

Euston Road is now being closed at the top of Gower Street as the Met extend the cordon and the sniffer dogs are out. Lots of people are standing around watching and waiting. I'm living in hope that this is something altogether different.
Maxine, London, UK

I live nearby Finsbury Park Station and when my brother went up there it had all been cordoned off and there's were lots of police around. He overheard someone saying it was a scare.
Tim Wyatt, London, England

I was on the tube at Warren Street and I saw a flash in the next carriage and all of a sudden the lights dimmed and the emergency lights came on people were screaming. This cant be happening to us, not again.
Jason Sunderland, Stratford, London



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