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Mainstream Media Reports "Suicide Theory" Difficult to Swallow | July 19, 2005

Here are several mainstream newspapers that are now saying what we've been saying all along: It simply doesn't add up that a group of otherwise normal and quiet individuals with families and children would blow themselves up as part of a terrorist attack.


Explosions In London


These patsies didn't have any real motive. Who had the motive? Who benefited from the attack? Tryannical governments everywhere, most especially in the UK and the US, where these events have increased support for Blair and Bush and greased the skids for more intense "anti-terror" legislation.

Its very exciting to see mainstream publications not buying into the propaganda. Never before have so many people witnessed a government-backed terrorist attack and immediately seen through it. The results of the bombings have not been what the Globalists expected. People are awake or waking. They refuse to swallow the lie and its forcing the real perpitrators of this atrocity to change their story.

Suicide theory thrown in doubt

UK Herald-Sun | July 18, 2005

BRITISH police are considering the possibility that the four key suspects in last week's London attacks may have been tricked into setting off their bombs, a British newspaper has reported.

"We do not have hard evidence that the men were suicide bombers," a Scotland Yard spokesman told The Sunday Telegraph.

"It is possible that they did not intend to die."

According to the paper, one police hypothesis is that the bombers were tricked by a "master" who told them they would have time to escape -- when in fact the devices were set to go off immediately.

"The bombers' masters might have thought that they couldn't risk the four men being caught and spilling everything to British interrogators," an unnamed security official told the newspaper.

Lending weight to the theory is the fact that all four men paid their parking tickets before boarding a train at Luton for King's Cross, and they all had bought return tickets.

Moreover, the paper said, the men carried the explosives in rucksacks, not strapped to their bodies as is common practice among suicide bombers.

None were reported to have cried "Allah Akbar" (God is Greatest) before setting off their charge -- something most Middle Eastern suicide bombers do.

Police have based their theory that the attacks were suicide bombings largely around the fact that all four suspects died in the attacks.

The fact that one of the bombers was decapitated -- a common outcome for suicide bombers -- is also seen as supporting the theory, as well as the fact that investigators discovered no timer devices.


UK Mirror | July 16, 2005
By Jeff Edwards

Why did they buy return train tickets to Luton? Why did they buy pay & display tickets for cars? Why were there no usual shouts of 'Allah Akhbar'? Why were bombs in bags and not on their bodies?

THE London bombers may have been duped into killing themselves so their secrets stayed hidden.

Police and MI5 are probing if the four men were told by their al-Qaeda controller they had time to escape after setting off timers. Instead, the devices exploded immediately.

A security source said: "If the bombers lived and were caught they'd probably have cracked. Would their masters have allowed that to happen? We think not."

The evidence is compelling: The terrorists bought return rail tickets, and pay and display car park tickets, before boarding _ a train at Luton for London. None of the men was heard to cry "Allah Akhbar!" - "God is great" - usually screamed by suicide bombers as they detonate their bomb.

Their devices were in large rucksacks which could be easily dumped instead of being strapped to their bodies. They carried wallets containing their driving licences, bank cards and other personal items. Suicide bombers normally strip themselves of identifying material.

Similar terror attacks against public transport in Madrid last year were carried out by recruits who had time to escape and planned to strike again.

Bomber Hasib Hussain detonated his device at the rear of the top deck of a No 30 bus, not in the middle of the bottom deck where most damage would be caused.

Additionally, two of the bombers had strong personal reasons for staying alive.

Jermaine Lindsay's partner Samantha Lewthwaite, 22, mother of his one-year-old son, is expecting her second baby within days. Mohammed Sidique Khan's wife Hasina, mum of a 14-month-old daughter, is also pregnant.

Our source disclosed: "The theory that they were not a suicide squad is gathering pace. They were the weakest link.

"We think it's possible they were told that when they pressed buttons to set off timers they'd have a short time to abandon the bombs and get away before the blast. Instead, the bombs exploded immediately."

Another intelligence source added: "Whoever is behind this didn't want to waste their best operatives on a suicide mission. Instead they used easily recruited low-grade men who may have believed they'd walk away."

At least 54 people were killed in the 7/7 blasts. Khan, 30, of Dewsbury, Shehzad Tanweer, 22, of Leeds, and Jamaican-born Lindsay, 19, of Aylesbury, Bucks, detonated devices on the Tube at Edgware Road, Aldgate and King's Cross.

Hussain, 18, of Leeds, blasted the bus at Tavistock Square. The Tube explosions went off almost simultaneously. But the bus went up an hour later.

Yesterday, Hussain's family told of their horror at the teenager's involvement in the massacre. They said in a statement: "We are devastated over the events of the past few days. Hasib was a loving and normal young man who gave us no concern and we are having difficulty taking this in.

"Our thoughts are with all the bereaved families. We have to live with the loss of our son in these difficult circumstances.

"We had no knowledge of his activities and, had we done, we would have done everything in our power to stop him. We urge anyone with information to cooperate fully with the authorities."

Police are urgently investigating the missing 81 minutes between Hussain arriving from Luton in London and the time his bomb went off.

His device may have malfunctioned. He may have lost his nerve. Or he may have panicked when he discovered the Northern Line, on which he is thought to have been due to travel, was suspended.

Officers want to discover if Hussain met anyone else who either strengthened his faltering resolve or reset his flawed bomb.

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911:  The Road to Tyranny