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Infowars.com | July 7, 2005

Last year, a terrorist attack against the Sears Tower in Chicago was
averted on April 19th, 2004 when it was exposed on the Internet;


The attack was supposed to take place on April 19th, 2004, which was 911
hours after the day of the Madrid Train Bombings(3/11/2004).

When you add up the number of days after April 19th, 2004 and end with
todays date, July 7th, 2005;


Explosions In London

In Your Face: The Globalists' Language is Hidden in Plain View

3/11 happened 911 days after 9/11

Revelation 9:11

April 20th, 2004 --> July 7th, 2005 = 444 Days

the result is 444 days.

The number 444 is part of a phenomena tied to the number 11:11;


According to the numerologists, 3/11 and 9/11 are also part of this
11:11 phenomena;


If you recall; there were 911 days BETWEEN the day of the 9/11 Attacks
and the Madrid Train Bombings;


So today's attacks in London, which are very similar to the Madrid train
bombings, were totally staged attacks carried out by the Globalists.

This conclusion is based on the "444" numerology linked to the time
window between the averted Sears Tower attack on April 19th, 2004 and
the attacks in London.

It's also convenient that the timing of today's attacks in London was
coordinated with meeting of the G8 summit in Scotland in order to ramp
up the police state in Great Britian and give the Globalists a pretext
to shut down protests taking place outside the G8 compound;


Here's some more interesting triple number numerology;

777 Numerology

Today's attack in London occured on July 7th, 2005;

7/7/2005 --> 7/7/2+0+0+5 --> 7/7/7 = 777

There are also 777 days BETWEEN the day of the thwarted Sears Tower
attack, 4/19/2004 and June 6th, 2006;

4/20/2004 --> 6/05/2006 = 777 Days

777 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena.

333 Numerology
There are 333 Days BETWEEN July 7th, 2005 and June 6th, 2006;

07/08/2005 --> 06/05/2005 = 333 Days

333 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena

666 Numerology
June 6th, 2006 becomes 666 if you drop the two century digits from the year;

6/06/2006 --> 6/6/6 --> 666

666 is part of the 11:11 Phenomena as well as being the "Mark of the Beast".

The next big terror attack in the U.S. could take place on June 6th,
2006. Where? At the Sears Tower in Chicago which has a zip code of

Sears Tower Zip Code = 60606 --> 6+0+6+0+6 --> 6+6+6 --> 666

Based on the theme of "train bombings" in Madrid and London, this theme
points to the city of Chicago which is a major railroad hub and the
location of the Sears Tower.

Numerology of the LONDON ATTACK

Another Listener writes:

G8 Summit @ GlenEagles

It is clearly MASONIC

7 explosions on the 7th of the 7th month in the year 2005 (2+5=7)


G is the 7th letter in alphabet

Other connections:

Aleister Crowley's 777

7+7+7+7=7*4=28 - a Lunar cycle, Sun's rotation cycle

Thursday - The 4th day of the week

Thursday - In the bible: "Satan will celebrate the 4th day..." - YHVH

Another Listener Adds:

Hi Alex -

i find it interresting what day they used for the london attacks

7/7/2005 so when you add the 2 and 5 you have tree sevens

isn't that a illuminati sighn????

keep up the good work alex

you are a true patriot


A listener


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