Police search hospital near blast
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Police search hospital near blast

BBC News | July 21, 2005

Armed police officers have returned to University College Hospital, close to the scene of one of the blasts in London, to search the premises.


Explosions In London

The hospital is close to Warren Street Tube station, where a man was reported to have run away after the explosion.

At 1600 BST, Scotland Yard said the incident had been "stood down" but returned 30 minutes later.

Three Tube stations were shut after three minor blasts and a fourth on a bus, with no reported injuries.

After police returned to the hospital (UCH), a Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We've got our armed deployment at UCH but we can't discuss it further."

Earlier, there were reports hospital staff were passed an internal memo asking them to look out for a black, possibly Asian man, around 6ft 2ins tall, with wires protruding from a hole in his blue top.


At the time, the BBC's Daniel Sandford said: "That adds fuel to the speculation that someone from the Warren St incident may have escaped to the hospital."

But Professor Jim Ryan, from the hospital, said he had not seen such a memo and dismissed the idea as "absolute rumour".

He said: "We saw armed police going through the hospital. They had a very quick patrol round. We are carrying on working as normal."

Passengers evacuated from Warren Street station had reported seeing a man fleeing the scene.

Fidelma Fitzgerald was waiting for an appointment in the hospital when the police arrived for the first time at 1430 BST. She counted about 30 and was kept in a treatment room for two hours.

She said: "I saw police running around with guns. That was very worrying."

The hospital treated many of the victims of the 7 July attacks.

The three minor explosions - just two weeks after blasts killed 56 - involved detonators only, a BBC reporter said.

In addition, a blast was reported on the top deck of a Number 26 bus in Hackney Road in Bethnal Green.

There were no injuries and the bus suffered no structural damage.


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911:  The Road to Tyranny