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Infowars Network | March 22 2006

Mr. Charlie Sheen Main Stream Media Blackout Pack

Hello Alex, Paul, Steve, Kevin, Ryan

Just as Alex Jones has requested, I have made up a Media Pack and begun to distribute it widely. The name of this Package is:
"Mr. Charlie Sheen Main Stream Media Blackout Pack".

Below is a list of its contained materials.

Also, I have sent a very strong letter thanking the (1) Media source (other than TakeBack-drudge), that dared to perform their
occupation in the appropriate and expected manner. That organization is of course 'WNY Media Network' (wnymedia.net).
Below/Attached are (2) copies of that letter. I have provided the (2) forms just in case you were interested in posting said
letter to any of your websites.

This entire package will be available on Usenet News Servers, Torrent Sites and others under this same name "Mr. Charlie Sheen
Main Stream Media Blackout Pack".

You are welcome to Copy or Distribute any material here provided.

Thank You All for the Inspiration!

Gratefully, Michael in Pennsylvania

Call for 9-11 Eyewitness Submission Website


I read with astonishment your article about how Charlie Sheen's 9/11 doubts are being snubbed by the mass media.

Last week I saw the Loose Change film and I didn't sleep all night. As I read more of these types of stories I am coming to the conclusion that either the mainstream really believes it's just a conspiracy or they are well aware of everything and are actively trying to shield it.

The latter scenario is chilling to me because it implies that many, many people are on the dark side. They have intimate knowledge of at least a piece of what happened and they aren't coming forward. From the top brass at the media centers to the guys who may have placed the charges in the buildings... If you add them all up, there are potentially thousands of people who are trying to overcome daily guilt from their participation in the crime of the century.

It occurred to me that getting these people to come out and say what they know might be very helpful. To them it would be a release, a confession. To the world - evidence.

How about setting up a website where they can anonomously submit their knowledge? Frought with security problems, sure. But I'll bet some smart guys on your end could figure out how to safeguard the information until enough was collected to make a real case.

You know, your site alternately depresses me and strengthens me. Some days I feel that freedom cannot win, other days it seems obvious that it will completely triumph. Well, nobody said the truth was pretty.


Maxim Mag Covers 9/11 Truth

http://www.911blogger.com/files/MAXIM-MARCH-2006-911-Conspiracy-Theories.pdf i havent' read this yet, but here it is. I read in a blog someone said Sheen must have read last months maxim and thinks he's an expert.


Hey Alex,

I called the White House today....I told the nice lady who took my call, that my favourite flavour of ice cream was "Mmmm..PEACH MINT!" and hung up.

Do you think she got it?

By the way, if anyone else out there wants to call the White House, the number is 202.456.1111.

LOVED the Charlie Sheen interview last night; he is SO astute and SO right on..LIKE YOU!

Take Larry Silverstein to the Cleaners

Why hasn't anybody really taken this guy Larry Silverstein to the cleaners?
Here is a guy who takes a 99 year lease 2 months before 911 on the World
Trade center Complex. He previously owned one of the towers. Then he takes
an insurance policy (fire, terrorism, dammage) out on the total value of the
buildings: $3.2 billion. The questions is, why take a policy that is equal
to the "Total Value" when no one has ever before in American history taken
down the total value of an office tower in Chicago or New York. He must
have known the total value would be taken down by the events of 911 in
advance. For that, you have to see the Israel 911 connection on Fox News


Private businessman Larry Silverstein's $3.2 billion purchase of the World
Trade Center is finalized, giving him de facto ownership with a 99-year
lease of the building. [Ireizine, 7/26/01] It is the only time the WTC has
ever changed hands. It was previously owned by the New York Port Authority,
a bi-state government agency. [ICSC, 4/27/01] After 9/11, Silverstein
attempts to get $7 billion in insurance for the 9/11 destruction of the WTC
towers. [Guardian, 10/24/01] In late 2004, he will be tentatively awarded
$2.2 billion, double what insurance companies offered to pay him. [UPI,
12/6/04] A judge also makes a ruling that keeps open the possibility he
could eventually receive as much as $6.4 billion. [Associated Press,

See more on Silverstein in the movie online Short Change:


Why doesn't anybody question this stuff? Any criminal attorney would have a
field day on this guy. He obviously knew in advance. So who told him and
what part did he play in 911? Was 911 a CIA, MOSAD operation?

Hey Alex,good info! It just dawned on me what the new INTERNMENT CAMPS are for- they will be the NEW FREE SPEECH ZONES. Keep up the great work.

New Video About 9-11 Evidence

I guess you must be one ofthe busiest person on this prison planet, anyway I
am a French nobody, I have produced a short movie in French about the visual
evidence behind 911 (mostly visual). I am deseperately trying to spread this
movie, this is precisely why I am sending you this email, I know am not a
top movie producer and there are just too much much information to fit them
all in, so it doesn't encompass everything. I appreciate that you may not
caution my amateurism, but if you could even just provide the link to it,
"covertly", to high internet traffic endpoint, I think that would be a nice
step to the right direction.

You can see it streamed here :


The story on Milosovic sparked my memory and I was wondering what happen to the thousands of refugees that came to America during the skirmish in the Balkans. I remember they were housed at army bases but I don't remember them being sent back or even talked about since they came. Do you know?

Alex--A great Picture of the "Chem~TRAILS" thanks,Bill

Yahoo! News Photo


This is ridiculous how straight-out-of a Bilderberg
meeting it is.

the calls just keep getting better. this guy is big in san diego, and fills in for savage some times..he's a friend of hannity, etc....he goes crazy and say's i should be locked up. He then basically says he knows all about b.g. but jokes they'd kill him if he spoke about it.
I searched on “Charlie Sheen” on Drudge’s site and came up with the following link:


Thanks for all of the hard work!




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