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Monday March 27th 2006

Congrats Alex & Charlie

I am happy to say Congratulations to Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen. I am presently watching the AJ Hammer new show and the whole show is about the 911 Conspiracy!!!!! He is asking all of the people on the show today if they agree or disagree and guess what??? They agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job to all of you on your breakghrough. This could be the camel that breaks the back of this Dictatorial government.

Charlie Sheen for President

Dear Alex,
I'm a single parent who has raised four children and currently finishing raising the last one who is handicapped. I've been reading you website now for a while and am so pleased with it. Its one of the few places people can get the truth and not the lies we read in the papers and hear on television. I am so glad CNN finally started listening and speaking up.

A personal note for Mr. Sheen. I've been speaking with my friends. Please, please run for the next presidency. I know I and and all my friends and family would vote for you. We need an honest government. We need to kick out everyone of the bush butt kissers and put honest people in. Mr. Sheen, I don't know of anyone with the guts, honesty and courage you show. Please run.

I just hope and pray that the law is not changed that will allow a foreign-born immigrant become president. I would not want Arnold Schwarzenegger or his wife as President or even Senator. I certainly would not vote for them.
Please, Mr. Sheen. Run for President.

Thank you Alex for the truth you give us ordinary people.

America's second Paul Revere!


America's second Paul Revere!

I'm not the kind of person who writes very long emails and until recently I wasn't the kind of person who took much notice at all really. But please take a few minutes out of your historical work to read my email. I just want you to understand that some of us comprehend what you've now managed to do. (God Bless you, CNN, and Charlie Sheen)

I'm 23 years old, and a father of a beautiful little girl of 7 months. I was linked to Loose Change v1 threw a internet forum by one of your internet activists and I thank you! I was then able to spread the word for the last 5 months atleast.

I took on my Rush Limbaugh loving, Vietnam Veteren, defends Agent Orange, defends Mai Lai, totally caught up in the Left, right debate father. He was a Neo-Con and didn't even know it. Even he couldn't deny or debate this with me!

You are a true warrior Alex, and truth is indeed your weapon. After I convinced my Neo-Con father I talked about 9/11 on forums, making sure to link all your videos, and talked to all my friends back home in the states on AIM.

I moved to Australia when my wife got pregnant (she's from here and had a large roll in opening my mind from my Republican biast, I was like a Ann Coulter Republican!) I think I've heard you mention it. You care because of your kids. Thats what made me care Alex, it spurred me into action. If I was back home in Indiana I would have been out in the streets with a sign... that is how powerful you are. You mix emotion, the kind anyone should have to hard fact - with fact!

Your one of the best kind of leaders. I think everytime you get on TV I don't even worry it won't go well. You are FANTASTIC at what you do and flawless in your execution.

(Super Secret I hope the government reads this cause they should be afraid...) I may be in Australia now, but if another terror attack happens, I'm coming back to America to do all I can for my country. I will not let two generations of Challand men die in vain! My father may still question this fight, but I recognize it is worrth putting my life on the line for, and so do you sir.

I salute you Alex.

Beltway Boys on Fox Bashing Sheen

Yes I wanted to let you know I just seen the belt way boys on fox bashing sheen personally and saying that his only facts are that bush didn’t leave a classroom on 911. just thought I would let you guys know I don’t currently have a caption card if I did I would recorded it and send video file too but since fox news sucks they repeat there weekend shows all week so if you find when beltway boys are on next this weekend you can catch it and possibly capture it and let everyone else see the huge blanket they have put over the story on fox….. It’s a sad fact that they call them self a news organization. Anyways keep up fight guys!!! And I hope you can get a capture of that new show to show everyone the blanket they have veiled…!

New Video Based on Alex's Interview of Charlie Sheen

24 Yr. Old Canadian Fan named Jeff made this video, with about 42 minutes of Alex's broadcast with Charlie Sheen, and using images he put together. It's pretty entertaining as it has lots of still images and video showing the things you and he are discussing, including video from 9/11.


Hello! I'm writing from Milan (Italy)

We stay with us
Here in Italy more people think about Bush like very dangerous for all the planet
Is probabily that in the next future months is again another false attak lihe 9/11 in USA and the election on 2008 will be stopped
Bush is probabily that remain again more yars

Stop him and other criminals please!

Thank you


Here's the creed of the NeoCons in regards to Charlie Sheen's comments:

"If you can't debate the facts, engage in personal attacks."

Regarding the WTC-7 video, has it not occurred to anyone that what they are seeing here is probably just nesting pigeons taking flight as the building begins to collapse beneath them?

Just kidding, Alex. But it would be interesting to arrange a test in which some MSM-approved "expert" made the claim that those squibs consisted of small flocks of birds, see how many people believed it. (My guess, 17-18%. Coincidentally the same number who think Charlie Sheen is a conspiracy wingnut.)


Hi Paul. I suggest that the link to this video be put in a high profile spot on your site(s), as people often ask for "expert" opinion & question truth seeker's academic credentials.

Have a good one,


I am a real estate broker and father of 3 in Brevard county Florida. Though
not a subscriber to your site, I am a frequent visitor and have all of your
videos and I make concerted efforts to deliver the information that you
present to as many people as I can within my sphere of influence. I am emailing
you to express admiration for the quality of work you do and for the integrity
and honesty you exhibit in choosing to deliver this information to anyone
who wishes to listen on such important issues; issues that will have a
significant impact on everyone in this country, whether they recognize it or not.

Your sites and a few others are the only reliable sites available to the
public to provide TRUE fair and balanced information, and they continue to be an
important source of both information and motivation to continue to keep up
the fight against tyranny and oppression in all it's forms.

Keep up your quality work, Alex, to you and all your staff, we are listening
and learning.

So some media outlets and others are labeling Mr. Sheen as a nutcase. Is that really the best they can do?

Any Neanderthal can say with the greatest AUTHORITY -- "Oh, he's just a NUTBAG" -- in response to what anyone says about anything. What amazing debating skills. What depth. What insight. Actually, what a load of BS. Mr. Sheen is inviting these criminals (and they ARE criminals because they are protecting the traitors behind 911 with their pathetic spin doctoring) to challenge him on the facts. They won't challenge him because THEY CAN'T. They would be exposed for the stupid self-serving criminals that they are. They are utter cowards in comparison to Mr. Sheen.


I wasn't sure where to write but wanted you to add to infowar's website the information Keith Olbermann, of MSNBC, reported last week. The infowars website reports it but to a much smaller degree than was reported on Olbermann's show. He reported that the Texas police have in the past SIX MONTHS arrested 2,200 for drinking in bars. They should video from a news report where an older lady was arrested in a hotel bar where she was a staying guest and was about to retire to her room!!!! Others arrested there were with designated drivers! The bartender was also arrested. Maybe he'd let you run that video footage.

The other story he reported was that old lady Bush (Barbra) donated a huge sum of money to some Katrina relief fund, which sounds fine and good untill you learn that the money was earmarked to be spent only for buying computer ware for the Houston school system from her son's company!!!!!!

I had never heard of Alex Jones or infowars (which is an amazing website) until Charlie Sheen's comments brought the mainstream media to it. Can't we get some more well known people to call attention to the web address: www.infowars.com" ?

I had already thought about alot of the stuff I see reported on the website and am fascinated to learn about important issue which are new to me. I have seen (since Nov 2000) things are obviously going the way the website says, but thought maybe I was wrong because nobody else was saying anything about it! Shouldn't we all be rioting in the streets? What's wrong with us? Why are we allowing them to do this to do us?

Thanks for your ear, Keep up the important work.

Soldiers on Deathbeds Flown Out of Iraq to Manipulate War Death Toll?

Here's something to look into, on C-Span last week a crying mother called in on the morning call-in show saying that her son had died in the Iraqi war but wasn't added to the list of dead because he was only injured in Iraq and did not die on Iraqi soil. He was flown to another country where he died a short time later. The number of dead American soldiers is actually much higher than the feds say. Any way you all can get some reporter to look into the number of soldiers who have been injured in Irag but were flown out only to die later in another country? I have a feeling the number is high.

My 13 yr old son found this on Wikipedia and said Alex and Paul would be interested in this...

Note: at bottom of page...'scheduled for deletion'

Also, kudos to Alex Jones for the CNN interviews!
...You had the whole world eating out of your hands! :)
Awesome job and God Bless you and your family!

Go to Jimmy Walter's website Reopen911.org.

There you will see how Jimmy's 30-second TV commercials about 9/11 were TURNED DOWN BY CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.

That TV networks would refuse payment to run actual footage of 9/11 shows beyond question how badly they want keep the public from seeing it.

P.S. Alex was brilliant with A.J. Hammer. Keep up the great work.





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