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Infowars | April 2, 2006

Hey guys,
Just some urgent flash traffic. The TV program 'moviejuice' is airing on the channel 'movie extra' at 1830 esst in Australia, in approximately 30 mins. This should be interesting as the foxtel cable network is owned by none other than Mr. Murdoch. I dare say it will be the cut and paste job which has been carried out by the establishment freaks all around the globe. I'll post my review this evening.

Your support is strong in Australia guy's everything that's happening to our friends in the republic is occuring here too. Only difference is our government has a majority and our media doesnt even touch these important issues. Hey they passed wiretapping legislation on thursday and it wasnt even mentioned in the mainstream. I certainly can't wait until they pass the new cross media ownership laws being proposed. What's next Russell Crowe running for pm??


THE VICE PRESIDENT:"So we've never made the case, or argued the case that somehow Osama bin Laden [sic] was directly involved in 9/11. That evidence has never been forthcoming".....
....and its from the government web-site.



DISC#: 15

File: Fire Manhattan 1

Labeled As: "Tape 1 Towers Struck"

Time Period: 8:46:43 - 9:34:26

Size: 23M

You will hear approx. 16-19 Minutes in (depending upon your player) A firefighter Called "Marine 6" state that the plane that hit the 2nd tower was "A large green bomber type aircraft, be advised"


Dixie Chicks new video/song

OMG, Alex, you have got to watch, and then, hopefully post on your site the new Dixie Chicks video. It is heavy to say the least. "Mad as hell and I'm not gonna' take it"
"forgive, sounds good" 'forget, I don't think I could" are some quotes from the song. The song also mentions how a mother taught her daughter to hate the Chicks for their anti bushy baby comments. Also, how someone could go so over the edge to threaten her life in a letter for making the comments. Simply awsome and something all Patriots need to see.

Keep up the great work Brother, Chris
Here is a link from AOL http://us.video.aol.com/video.index.adp?mode=1&pls=music.newvideos.&typ

British government to shut down GSM networks and re-use frequencies for gambling terminals, ID card monitoring and citizen surveillance program

If this article is true accurate, then this is very bad news!! Anyone is Britain should read this(http://www.prisonplanet.com/articles/april2006/010406_b_GSM.htm), Also if they manage to pass this law (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID
) which basically allows the government to do the following:

from The FACULTY OF LAW AT CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY had this to say about the bill...

"if passed, the Government could rewrite almost any Act and, in some cases, enact new laws that at present only Parliament can make.

The Bill subjects this drastic power to limits, but these are few and weak. If enacted as it stands, we believe the Bill would make it possible for the Government, by delegated legislation, to do (inter alia) the following:

create a new offence of incitement to religious hatred, punishable with two years' imprisonment;
curtail or abolish jury trial;
permit the Home Secretary to place citizens under house arrest;
allow the Prime Minister to sack judges;
rewrite the law on nationality and immigration;
"reform" Magna Carta (or what remains of it).

It would, in short, create a major shift of power within the state, which in other countries would require an amendment to the constitution; and one in which the winner would be the executive, and the loser Parliament."

So If these two laws pass, then it is going to mean a serious reduction in liberty...




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