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  Listener Comments, Suggestions & Questions [April 5, 2006]

Infowars | April 5, 2006

Well Done Team Infowars

Just watched the Kean confrontation video and wanted to congratulate your team for an outstanding effort, from beginning to end. It was great to see your guy confront him with reasonable questions, and see the real Kean in all his glory (not).

The fast speed editing effect was very funny, and worked perfectly.

Bravo to each of the banner holders, for having the courage to take a rightous stand!

All in all, a very refreshing video that will light the way for other 9-11 truth seekers and media activists.

Congratulations to your activist and production team for the outstanding video effort.


Population Numbers

There's been discussion recently regarding Proffessor Pianka's desire to cull 90% of the world's population to save the natural world. In those discussions, it was said that each person on the planet earth could reside in Texas with an acre of land each. Well, in doing the calculations, it can be shown that this is not the case, please let Alex know so he's using good information.

we take earths population:6.387 billion (http://www.overpopulation.net/) we take the world's land mass: 148.94 million km2 or 57,506,055 sq miles

We take Texas' land mass: 261,914 sq miles
We convert one sq mile into acres = 640 acres

Therefore, @ one acre/person, we could fit 167,624,960 people in Texas In another viewpoint, we'd need 38 states the size of Texas, for everyone on earth to have one acre of land, or 9,979,688 sq miles which accounts for 6.7% of the available land mass on earth

@ 1/4 acre per person, we'd need 2,494,922 sq miles of land mass to accommodate the earth's population.
the U.S. is 9,161,923 sq km or 3,537,438 sq miles
Therefore, we'd be able to fit the earth's population in the US with 1 million sq miles to spare, if we gave each person 1/4 acre, which accounts for 1.7% of the available land mass on earth

Another way to look at it is the population of New York versus it's land use New York has a population of 8.1 million people in 321 sq miles
Using that density, we could fit 6.6 billion people in Texas, which accounts for 0.5% of the available land mass on earth





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