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  Listener Comments, Suggestions & Questions [April 6, 2006]

Infowars | April 5, 2006

Some People Never Learn

*copied from Silverstein properties own web site on the construcion of WTC #7,
The new 7 World Trade Center will set the future standard of commercial building construction both in New York and across the United States. The tower will feature a wealth of safety and environmental enhancements, amenities and comfort items to properly meet the requirements of today's tenants.  The building will contain a center-core design in the classic parallelogram shape, with tenant floors containing equal measurements of 45 feet from window to core on three of four locations with virtually no interior columns to impede optimal design and flexibility.  Each tenant floor will allow for a minimal finished ceiling height of 9’0”, and floor to ceiling glass of 10’0”.
My question is "Wasn't that why they fell the First time?" and why haven't they learned from their mistakes

(floor plans of building construction attached)

After listening GCN archive of 4/5/06 show, caller that was suggesting protesting Larry for a response to Charlie Sheen's question of his statement of PULL IT. 
I was absolutely floored when I saw his website/contact page,  LOOK AT THE PHONE NUMBER,  can it be anymore in your face.
Hi. This is totally to much to believe. They say that precious little newborn babies are not even human. Newborn babies. And yet they would kill 90% of the population to protect a tree?? These people are beyond crazy. I'm not sure of the word for it. Do they realize that 90% includes them? I'm not sure if they're evil or just bonkers.

Could their mindset have had anything to do with 911?

I support preserving our forests and oceans from deforestation  mountaintop removal, and polution. And protecting the animals who live there. But what Pianka is suggesting is going too far. Just plain madness. And people actually support him??
                                                               Thanks a lot.
                                                          Catherine Fowler   




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