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Infowars | April 13, 2006

The children are the future, right?

Hey Alex,

I just want to email you to say thankyou so much for waking me up. I live in the UK and I am only 13 years old, but I feel that it is good that I be educated. After all, the children are the future, right?

Whilst there are many things happening in the United States at the moment, I understand that it is not only there that the global elite are bidding for control. I can see the paralells happening in my country, and I am trying my best to spread the word to people, and wake them up.

Often when I try to wake my friends up I hear the same things many times: "They wouldn't do that, they're not like that", or.."there are better things to be worrying about" or, and I am terribly sorry to hear this and have to report it to you, "nothing's happening here. It's the US, and it's not our fault their country sucks." People need to understand that it is happening in many places, and this is a new WORLD order, calling for GLOBAL government, enslavement and domination.

One question though-Are the U.K elections also staged constructs?


Now the Internet is Evil

I just want to highlight a SkyNews report broadcast this morning in which they finally admit that Al Qaeda may not, after all, exist; or at least not as a highly organised global terror network with Osama Bin Laden at thetop as we have been led to believe.

The report then goes on to examine why so many people such as the 7/7 bombers are turning to terrorism. Does this mean that Ruppert Murdoch's media group are now going to admit that it is because of British and American foreign policy, or that the government itself might be responsible for the terrorism?

No. According to the report the 'internet' is responsible for influencing = the recent spate of terrorism! OH MY GOD! WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? WE NEED TIGHTER CONTROLS! WE NEED TO LIMIT FREE SPEECH ON THE INTERNET! PLEEEEEASE, TAKE IT AWAY FROM US AND KEEP US SAFE FROM TERROR!




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