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UPDATE: Terror Storm Now #17 on Amazon Charts
Lofty ranking gives increased exposure to wider audience

Prison Planet | November 1, 2006
By Paul Joseph Watson

Just two days ago TerrorStorm was #17

Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary is shooting up the Amazon DVD sales charts and is now ranked number 12 of the 100 most popular DVDs!

A lofty position on the Amazon.com sales chart ensures an increased exposure of Terror Storm to more mainstream audiences, and subsequently those who are still shadowed from the truth about the history of government sponsored terror.

Many online shoppers use Amazon's sale rank chart as a guide to their purchases, and so we are guranteed to reach many people via this method who would never have encountered our information otherwise.

Though we make next to nothing from promoting the purchase of Terror Storm via Amazon, we do so because we are eager to break out from just preaching to the choir and would like offer the truth to those who are still in the dark.

Please click here and purchase a copy of Terror Storm via Amazon , whether it's for yourself or as a Christmas or birthday gift, and help us rise up the charts so the movie is allowed to receive more recognition from a previously unreachable audience.

And unlike Google, Amazon doesn't censor its ranking system!

Alternatively click here to get your DVD directly from Alex Jones or click here to subscribe to Prison Planet.tv and watch it right now along with an endless list of other top quality documentary films, special video reports and interviews, all for just 15 cents a day!

"TerrorStorm sets a new standard in documentary filmmaking. Alex Jones knocks it out of the park yet again."
-Dylan Avery, Director, "Loose Change"

"TerrorStorm is the DVD of The Resistance!"
- Kurt Nimmo, Syndicated Columnist

Latest Review by Digitally Obsessed.com: A for Style! A+ for Substance!

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"TerrorStorm is something that should be seen by everyone, no matter what their stance/affiliation/political bent. " - Rich Rosell, Digitally Obsessed UK
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