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Big Brother will be able to watch more soon thanks to Alcatel/Spirit deal

Poland A.M. | April 18, 2005

Alcatel Polska and a Gda?sk based integrator, Sprint, have signed a deal with Warsaw authorities to expand its CCTV monitoring system.

The consortium of the two companies has 15 months to install 150 video cameras across Warsaw, set up six monitoring centers and extend six further such centers. Moreover, it will build an optical fiber network that will in the future be used to provide telecommunication services (voice transmission services, internet access and data transmission) for the needs of the city. "The winning offer was the most profitable from both the financial and technological point of view. We also considered the companies' experience in building such systems," said Lucjan Be?za, director of the Office for Security and Crisis Management (BBiZK). Currently the Warsaw monitoring system comprises almost 100 cameras owned by the city and 75 cameras managed by the city authorities, located around the Central Railway Station. City clerks say they would like to eventually create a network of at least 450 cameras.

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