Big Brother Coming to Ottawa Taxis
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Big Brother Coming to Ottawa Taxis

CFRA | July 20 2005
By Josh Pringle

Ottawa's Taxis could soon be equipped with cameras and G-P-S tracking systems.

Ottawa City Council will debate a recommendation in September to improve safety in cabs across the Capital.

The recommendation calls for all Ottawa Taxis to be equipped with G-P-S by 2007 and security cameras by 2008.

Coventry Connections President Hanif Patni says it's one of the ways the city can make the fare safer for customers.

Patni says a camera will allow officials and Ottawa Police to deal with a complaint.

Bylaw Services says the cameras will also protect drivers.

The base fare would rise between 10 and 25 cents to help pay for the technology.


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911:  The Road to Tyranny