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Biometric Scanners for Kiddies
Wonderful police state security measures touted to kids as normal, useful and fun

Steve Watson / Infowars | September 5 2006

Mums and Dads get your kiddy Biometric Scanner Room Guard!

The Bio-Metric Scanner Room Guard announces nosy brothers or sisters trying to enter, while allowing silent entry only to the person whose hand matches the five-finger pressure-sensitive password. An alarm sounds if an “intruder” tries to enter! This electronic sentinel fits all doors and uses 3 AA batteries (sold separately). 3" x 5". Ages 9+.

Dangerously indicative of a big brother society or harmless fun?

Either way, children are being acclimatized to accept the biometric security and surveillance state as normal, cool and convenient. They are also being taught that having your retina scanned and your DNA logged is normal and necessary to keep you safe.

The British government has already collected the DNA of thousands of children and is collating it on a national DNA database on which they eventually hope to catalogue everyone. This has not been debated in Parliament and is being implemented by stealth.

We have previously highlighted how websites and stalls all around the country are actively pushing biometrics, ID cards and "do it yourself" DNA kits on children.

A company called KidsafeID is selling the products with the rational that "A child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone."


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