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Big Brother Biometric Plans in New Haven Planned for All Americans?

ALIPAC | July 24, 2007
William Gheen

Tonight, more of the nation will hear our message, when I appear on the Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor. This is my first appearance on this show although I have been on Fox, CNN, and MSNBC many times.

The topic is the implementation of a new program in New Haven, Connecticut, in which the city plans to give new ID cards to illegal aliens that can be used to obtain bank accounts and tax funded city services.

Of course, we oppose this plan and feel that our existing immigration laws should be enforced instead! Federal law states that it is a felony for any person or corporation to willingly aid and abet illegal aliens that either enter the US or remain here unlawfully. We feel the actions of the New Haven City Council violates that laws! (See: Section 8 USC 1324(a)(1)(A)(iv)(b)(iii)) When we heard the news about New Haven's plan, we considered sending out a press release decrying their flagrant violations of existing laws. However, we figured our outcry would be lost in the multitude of complaints. After all, we are having no problem finding a long list of existing immigration laws that the Bush administration is refusing to enforce, on behalf of their big business allies. In fact, we are having trouble finding very many existing immigration laws that the Bush administration or Homeland Security are actually enforcing!

We decided to create a flier, in English and Spanish that any American can easily print and distribute in their community, to encourage local illegal aliens to go to New Haven.

While we would prefer that the President begin honoring his oath of office, the US Constitution, the will of Congress and the will of over 80% of the American public by enforcing our existing laws, we are willing to just send the illegals to New Haven in the meantime.

Existing law states that illegal aliens are to be removed from the US when detected but the laws are only being minimally enforced at this time.

ALIPAC believes that if the President merely announced he was going to start enforcing our existing immigration laws next month, there would be a cry of great rejoicing from the American public and the illegals would begin to leave by the millions on their own accord!

Meanwhile, let's send as many illegal aliens to New Haven as possible!

A few more thousand illegals in New Haven and they will have to start closing hospitals, begging for huge school bonds, and appealing for federal aid to combat the drugs, human smuggling and illegal alien gangs on their streets like the many high impact areas across America!

We know this program works because of the hundreds of calls we have received at ALIPAC from "Undocumented Workers" seeking more information and travel details for New Haven!

Please help us prepare for the reaction to tonight's newscast, by visiting this link and printing and distributing as many of these fliers as possible THIS WEEK!

Flier view and print link....

One matter of contention is that some illegal alien supporting groups have filed a lawsuit against Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) claiming the raids are in retaliation for New Haven's new policy.

Our view differs on this matter.

Yes, we believe that Michael Chertoff and Homeland Security are upset with the actions of New Haven, but not because New Haven is assisting, aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

If this were true, the Bush administration could easily apply the existing laws and overturn New Haven's ID card plans.

Many of us believe that the Bush administration is upset with New Haven for two reasons.

One, the New Haven biometric ID for illegal aliens and a stealth national ID for all Americans was impeded in the recently failed Senate amnesty bill. Further mention of using biometric ID, to maintain internal security, in the US is mentioned in the Bush administration's SPP or Security and Prosperity Partnership agreement with Canada and Mexico, which can be found at SPP.gov The SPP documents call the use of biometric ID for citizens, immigrants and illegals.

The use of these measures is also mentioned in the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) document called "Building a North American Community". They advocate that the borders are obsolete and that there should be a free flow of people, goods and services between the three countries, which will use a "an outer (virtual) security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal" This document was released by the CFR shortly after President Bush, Vicente Fox of Mexico, and Prime Minister Martin of Canada announced the formation of the SPP, at Baylor University in Texas in the Spring of 2005, which is the famous press conference where Bush called the Minutemen "vigilantes".

Our movement, the immigration enforcement movement, calls these plans the NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

While we realize that many Americans will find these facts to be incredulous due to the small amount of discussion and airtime these subjects receive through the traditional media, we can substantiate our claims with the vast amount of information collected within the ALIPAC archives.

There is a lot of confusion about how these biometric ID's work and what they mean for all Americans.

Simply put, the Federal agencies need as many high quality digital close up pictures of the faces of Americans and illegal aliens that are tied to as many other traditional documents as possible. These high quality photos are needed for a system called Facial Recognition Technology (FRT). Another popular form of biometric ID includes fingerprints.

The difference between the two is that you will know when you are submitting your finger prints to be scanned.

FRT can scan your face and take your ID, without your knowledge anytime you walk past a camera, visible or hidden, that is connected to the computerized facial recognition and biometric ID system.

From what we can tell, the Department of Motor Vehicles in 14 states are already collecting the information needed to put you into the FRT system and this info is collected when you apply for one of the new passports that is required to enter or leave America, or when you apply for one of the new credit cards that Bank of America is offering illegal aliens in Southern California.

Most of these systems are being sold in the Federal marketplace by the Higgins Corporation, which is the same biometric ID vendor that is contracted with New Haven.

This is the most powerful surveillance system ever created in human history that allows a government to monitor and spy on their own people. One of our supporters described it as a "Soviet Union electronic wet dream"!

When you enter an airport, trains station, shopping Mall, step up to an ATM, or walk down a city street, the cameras isolate your face and sample your facial fingerprint, without human monitoring or your knowledge.

Your face becomes your ID, once they have a digital photo that is correctly aligned with your electronic signature, which is a governmental collection of all known electronic data about you. From reports in the media, it appears your facial biometric ID will be associated with your banking records, credit records, criminal records, driving records, library and Internet usage records. The Government believes they can calculate your terrorism probability rating by running programs on your electronic data and tracking information.

This biometric system has not been fully debated by the US Congress or the American public, yet the powers that be, which are pushing the SPP, North American Union, North American Community, or whatever you want to call it, are the same interest groups pushing for most illegal aliens to stay in American and be placed in the FRT database with all law abiding Americans.

So, yes we believe that Homeland Security is angry with the New Haven officials, but not for violating Federal Law and aiding illegal aliens.

We believe that Homeland Security and the Bush administration are angry with the New Haven officials for launching the prototype biometric ID system for all Americans and illegal aliens, BEFORE the AMNESTY bill was voted into law.

By exposing this plan, New Haven runs the risk of being overrun with illegal aliens causing them to have to cancel the program and creating a setback for the SPP / NAU planners.

By launching this prototype plan before the illegal aliens have been turned into legal Guest Workers, New Haven has shown the country a card that was not to be exposed until other tenets of the plan were in place.

Homeland Security is trying to create a deterrent for illegal aliens so they will NOT GO TO NEW HAVEN because if they do and in large numbers, New Haven will look like the disaster areas they created in other parts of our nation.

Let's send those illegals to New Haven and let us all do our best to throw down this dastardly plan to integrate the economies of this continent against the existing laws, the US Constitution, and the will of the American public!

Let us stand together against Big Brother, Real ID, FRT and biometrics. Why should American citizens give the government more knowledge and power over us, when they are clearly failing to enforce our existing laws and do not have the best interests of the public or the will of the American majority in mind?


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