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Arrests by surveillance camera

News 10 / Brian Dwyer | March 29 2006

Store owners say they love them. Even homeowners are starting to use them. Surveillance cameras are popping up everywhere to try prevent crime before it happens.

"People that see cameras they going to, you know, they aren't gonna just go in a rob a store. They're gonna be a little more conscious of what they do and how they do things," said Scott Apfel of Time Warner Security.

Police say many criminals think twice about striking a place with cameras. But on the occasions where a crime is caught on tape, police say it's a huge help in making an arrest.

"Somebody knows somebody that's on that film. We can take that film and slow it down, make digital still photos of it and show 'em around to different people to see if they can identify them," said Jefferson County Sheriff John Burns.

State Police say surveillance cameras were a major help in arresting the four people involved with robbing a store clerk in Adams in February.

Now police say they have identified some of the people involved with the pitbull attack that killed a cat. The attack was caught on tape Saturday. They hope that will lead to arrests.

Burns says it's almost lucky the neighbor had all that surveillance equipment, and says if you can, it might not be a bad idea to invest in a camera yourself.

"If we see that there was a tape rolling usually businesses or individuals that have them are more than willing to turn them over to us. That way we can pursue them," he said.

Burns says dummy cameras are somewhat effective, but they are nowhere near as effective as the ones that actually record video.



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