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City to buy surveillance cameras

AP | April 16, 2007

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland plans to spend $200,000 to install as many as 80 surveillance cameras at two city parks and six recreation centers this year in a move to better protect children, officials said.

The city hopes the added security will put a dent in the growing violence and threats at the recreation centers. Two years ago, two youths were shot to death near a center on the east side, and two men were hospitalized after being shot during a basketball game at another east-side center.


Councilman Ken Johnson, who chairs a Parks and Recreation Committee, said parents also worry about sexual predators and other criminals entering centers undetected.

Mayor Frank Jackson has budgeted $500,000 this year to station off-duty police officers at 13 of the city's 22 centers.

``We want (kids) to be safe there because they're certainly not safe on the streets,'' Johnson said. He said all 20 of his council colleagues have requested security cameras.

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