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Delhi to get security cameras soon

NDTV | July 14, 2005

Big Brother could be watching you at every nook and corner of the capital soon.

The Delhi Police have an ambitious plan of installing security cameras on the same scale as that in London.

They want the extra security measures in place by the time the Commonwealth Games are held in 2010.

For the time being, ten cameras will be installed at the ITO crossing, Rajghat, Noida bridge, Connaught Place and Vikas Minar.

Crucial footage

Cameras were also crucial in identifying the suspects of the London blasts, since the CCTV footage had captured the suspected terrorists.

There's one camera installed in the British capital for every 14 people in the city.

Even the double-decker blown up in Tavistock had a camera on board though it wasn't working.

Delhi has been the focus of terrorist attacks and the aim is to make crucial areas, which have all already been targetted, as secure as possible.



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