More CCTV cameras than ever before
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More CCTV cameras than ever before

Grampian TV | April 5, 2005

More Scots are likely to be caught on CCTV cameras now than ever before. Aberdeen researchers will tell an international conference this week of a dramatic rise in what they describe as "surveillance creep".


CCTV Does Not Reduce Crime

They're not difficult to spot. But the more you look, the more you find. Four hundred thousand CCTV cameras are now believed to be operating in Scotland. That's about one for every twelve or thirteen of us.

In 2005 it seems it doesn't matter who you are or where you are someone, somewhere is watching. The control room at Grampian police headquarters in Aberdeen (left). All eyes on a bank of screens monitoring our movements across the city.

There's no doubt here CCTV works. But civil liberties and human rights groups dispute the effectiveness of cameras at every corner. It's now reckoned in our major citires the average person could be captured on CCTV up to 42 times a day. That's not just Big Brother watching, it's the entire family.

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