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Opinions Mixed On Public Surveillance Cameras

Toronto City News | February 8, 2007

Toronto's experiment with surveillance cameras as both a deterrent and gatherer of evidence is set to continue, with systems being erected in certain troubled areas of Scarborough.

The cameras are part of a $2 million pilot project funded by province. In total 15 cameras will be put up for six months in three areas across the city, starting in the Malvern area.

"That's the first reason that we're installing them, is to deter crime and create safe neighbouhoods and in any event where crimes occur within the field of the camera, we're using them to collect evidence," explains Supt. Jeff McGuire.

A public meeting was held on Wednesday night to discuss the pros and cons of setting cameras up in residential communities.

"I do have slight reservations about them being placed in a residential area but I think they will become a deterrent for crime in certain areas," said resident Donald Blair.

"It is a good idea. This area is bad," adds another.

Three temporary cameras were set up on Yonge street over the holiday season, one on Gould St., where 15-year-old Jane Creba was gunned down.

Some still say the system is flawed.

"I think it is a terrible idea. It is expensive and they don't work," retorts Daniel Quinn of the Public Space Committee.

"This is just another system to catch people," adds Murray Hedges. "The problem is once we catch them, we're not doing anything."

The cameras are scheduled to go up in April.

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