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Technology to put area under surveillance

Brewton Standard | July 5, 2007
Adrienne McKenzie

Downtown Atmore business owners will experience more safety from vandals or burglars due to technological upgrades the city will be installing before years-end.

According to director of public safety, Glenn Carlee, the city has been given a grant, which will allow Atmore to become more technologically advanced.

“A couple of years ago a technology grant became available,” Carlee said during a special city council workshop Thursday morning. “In 2006, we were given a grant of $157,956 that is non-matching.”

The money will be used in phases. The first phase includes a surveillance system in downtown Atmore. The city hopes to install eight cameras, possibly 10, for surveillance of businesses on U.S. 21 and U.S. 31.

“We would like to put in a camera surveillance system in the downtown area,” Carlee said. “This will include pole cameras with Internet routing systems. It will provide a live feed video of interactions downtown.”

Not only will the cameras have the live feed back to dispatchers, the technology also provides a recorded video of up to seven days.

The Sony wireless military spec surveillance cameras, ordered from Motorola, Inc., will start going up within the next four months. The process should be complete before 2008 begins.

The second phase of the project involves placing cameras in Atmore Police Department patrol cars, which will provide more safety for local police officers. This phase will not begin until Phase 1 is complete.

“Phase 2 of the project is set to work toward officer safety,” Corey Helper, Motorola's Gulf Region account manager, said. “In-car digital camera systems will record incidents to be used for evidentiary and investigative purposes. By digitally recording incidents, entire situations can be recalled, tagged, documented and used for accurate convictions of criminals. This video will be uploaded and stored for a specified timeframe on a secure local server. We are hoping to move forward with Phase 2 after implantation of Phase 1.”

The third phase of the project is a computer system, which will give police officers access to different information from their patrol cars, according to Helper.

“Phase 3 will put ruggedized laptops in the public safety vehicles,” he said. “This will offer the officers an in-car office environment, keeping the officers on the street protecting Atmore citizens. The rugged laptops will enable the officer to access the camera system remotely, share data with other officers and run additional database checks on suspects and violators.”

Helper feels the new technology will help Atmore citizens and officials keep the town a safer place.

“The technology will benefit Atmore tremendously,” Helper said. “The camera system will allow more security coverage for residents and business, while utilizing the same size public safety force. Additionally, the built in data network will open up more data information to the public safety officials allowing them better response times, more accurate incident management and countless ways to share incident data across the entire network.”


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