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UK Radio Station Indoctrinates Children With Talking CCTV Cameras Competition

Prisonplanet.com | June 10, 2007

Talking CCTV is coming to Reading and the local radio station for Reading (Reading 107) is
brainwashing impressionable young children into accepting the new talking CCTV cameras by hosting a Talking CCTV Competition highlighting the "benefits" (details below).

I think it would be useful if as many people as possible emailed the competition address
saferreading@reading.gov.uk with details of why Talking CCTV cameras are NOT a good idea.

Here are details of the competition from the radio station website www.reading107fm.com

Here's the chance for Reading's youngsters to win upto £100!

You've probably heard that Reading is soon to get Talking CCTV...
cameras which will help keep us safe and be able to "speak" to
people who are misbehaving in the town centre!

Well, with Reading Borough Council, we want to hear your "CCTV Rap"!

Write a 4 line rap about the new cameras maybe asking someone to
pick up their litter, or just saying how clever the talking cameras are!

We'll play some of your raps on-air, and the competition winners will
receive vouchers to spend at the Virgin Megastore, for 25, 50 or 100 pounds!

You can email your rap to saferreading@reading.gov.uk or text it to 81722.

Don't leave it too late closing date is 22nd of June!


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