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CIA using Facebook to recruit students

This week, outside the 'Western bubble' on campuses around the world...

The Gazette| January 30, 2007
Dave Ward

U.S. The CIA has become the ultimate Facebook creeper.

Wired reports the Central Intelligence Agency is using Facebook.com to recruit new employees for its National Clandestine Service. A CIA spokesperson described Facebook as an invaluable tool.

The CIA's Facebook page provides an overview of what the NCS wants and a promotional YouTube video.

Any U.S. citizen with a grade-point average over 3.0 can apply.

North Carolina An e-mail sent from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill incorrectly informed 2,700 applicants they had been accepted to the school.

According to USA Today , the university's admissions department congratulated 2,700 hopeful freshman on acceptance, even though none had been admitted.

U.K. Some U.K. college courses now include instruction on how to create viral e-mails. Viral e-mails are pictures and video clips embedded in e-mails that are sent over and over, particularly within offices and among students.

BBC News said the teaching initiative will work with students in art and design courses at schools like Leeds Metropolitan University and the University of Central England.

Organizers said they want viral e-mails to be considered legitimate art.

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