ID Solutions Announces Results of US Government Tests of Its Fingerprint Matching Technology
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ID Solutions Announces Results of US Government Tests of Its Fingerprint Matching Technology
PRNewswire | March 17, 2005

Test Results Place ID Solutions in Top Tier Alongside AFIS Industry Giants

ORLANDO, Fla., ID Solutions, a fingerprint technology company with expertise in large scale biometric projects, is proud to announce the results of thorough testing of its technology by the U.S. Government. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), within the U.S. Department of Commerce, is responsible for biometric technology evaluation for all application within the Department of Homeland Security, such as US-VISIT for visitor entry and exit and other programs authorized
under the U.S. PATRIOT Act. In 2003, NIST established an ongoing SDK Evaluation program where vendors can submit their technology for testing under standardized conditions against a very broad and challenging range of fingerprint databases. This program represents the "gold standard" in fingerprint accuracy testing.

Since NIST first published the results of this program in June, 2004, the top tier has been dominated by three multi-billion-dollar, multi-national companies, i.e., Cogent (U.S.), Sagem (France), and NEC (Japan). ID Solutions was pleased to learn that its accuracy scores place it solidly within this top tier. With test results tightly clustered within this elite group, ID Solutions has earned its position among the industry leaders. Additionally, ID Solutions speed benchmark was between 38% and 888% faster than the established industry leaders.

Describing the importance of this challenging evaluation, ID Solutions' President Dr. John Schmitt stated "This is a critical validation of our technology and a nexus in the development of our business. We are truly grateful to NIST for the invaluable service they are providing our industry and our nation."

About ID Solutions
ID Solutions was formed in 2003 by a team of biometrics industry veterans with extensive experience in large scale biometric, law enforcement, wireless fingerprinting, computer security, and secure credential issuance projects. ID solutions' strategy is to take advantage of recent advances in technology to create an AFIS system with unparalleled accuracy, speed and cost advantages.

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