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Google coughs up for local business intelligence

The Inquirer |August 14, 2007
Nick Farrell

SEARCH ENGINE OUTFIT Google is paying up to American $10 for information on their local shop.

Google is offering the cash as part of its Business Referral Representative program.

All you have to do is go to your local shop and give them a spiel about Google Maps and Google Adwords. Then you have to ask them a few questions about their business and take some digital snaps of the shop.

The information and snaps will be posted on Google Maps.

Apparently, you'll get $2 if a business referral is approved by Google, and $8 when an approved business verifies that the information you submitted is accurate. You have to earn over $25 per month to get paid.

The idea has seemingly been cooked up to exploit student labour and students' unquenchable need for beer money.

After all you don't have to pay local salespeople a five figure salary, commission and benefits when you can get a beer crazed student to do it for next to nothing.

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