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Big Brother Gets Under Your Skin

Kevin Parkinson | May 3, 2005

Only three or four years ago, if you mentioned that government and big business were interested in putting a microchip under your skin, you might have shaken your head in disbelief. Your eyes might have glazed over. I’ve seen the response.

The obvious question is: why would anyone want to start microchipping society?

Here are the phases that we are going through now that will lead to implanted microchips. While credit cards are the bread and butter of the economy, the highly touted "smart cards" are making a breakthrough.

Basically, the smart cards have a silicon chip instead of a magnetic strip. The smart cards can hold 500 times as much data as a current magnetic strip credit card. The information about each client contained on a "smart card" will be substantial.

Also, people will be able to transfer money to a smart card from their personal computer, which means that the smart card will be accepted in the same way hard currency is today.

Mastercard started issuing smart cards this year in the U.S. on the heels of American Express and Visa.

However, "smart cards" can be stolen, lost or damaged; so the financiers have come up with ultimate solution: linking people directly to the microchip by implanting it in the human body, which will make cards and currency a thing of the past.

You have to admit it sounds enticing. Throw away the cards and the cash, and go to your friendly medical clinic to get a microchip implanted, and become part of a system that is capable of tracking your movements from the cradle to the grave.

Motorola, which already produces microchips for the smart card, has developed microchips that are about the size of a grain of rice. The company has developed a system that has 34 billion sets of codes, enough to assign a unique code for every human being on the planet.

The new "microchip" would replace all of the cards in our wallets. Without it, nobody would be able to withdraw any money from a bank, receive benefits from the government, or buy or sell anything. The chip would also include data on your family history, address, occupation, criminal record, income tax information, etc.

The tiny microchip contains a transponder and a rechargeable battery. It is not only an electronic wallet, but it is a device that can KEEP TRACK OF EVERY HUMAN BEING. Once you are microchipped there will be nowhere on the planet where you cannot be tracked.

In 1997, the “Digital Angel” was implanted into humans in the U.S. and can send and receive signals using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) which is the same technology used in new cars.

The Digital Angel has been demonstrated to monitor a person’s body functions--such as temperature and pulse--and transmit data on a real-time basis to a monitoring station. Once you have the chip, you are virtually controlled by the controllers. In some U.S. jails, prisoners have a chip implanted on their hands or in their heads, and when they become violent, the guards just have to push a button on a remote control, and the chip sends a message to the brain that paralyses the prisoner.

Think about that. Microchipping a population means that a few are capable of controlling the many. Entire communities will be controlled by an external force. Essentially, people who are chipped become indentured slaves.

David Icke has been warning people about the perils of microchipping for the past 15 years but little has been done to stop this development. Now is the time to lobby our politicians to reverse this New World Order agenda. We, nor our children and grandchildren, want to be controlled by the elite who implant microchips. We must speak out now.

Remember the saying: Evil will prevail if good men do nothing. So far, good men haven’t been doing very much, and evil is winning out.

Say no to the microchip and forward this article to your newspapers, politicians, clergymen, community leaders--anyone who will recognize that we are being led in the wrong direction.

I don’t want a microchip under my skin- do you?

Research for this article was obtained from the “Michael” Journal and written by Alain Pilote. Special thanks to Laszlo Szekely for bringing this issue to my attention.


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