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Westminster snoops install microphones on lampposts
Nothing shall disturb the sound of silence

London Inquirer | May 10, 2005
By Nick Farrell

WESTMINSTER COUNCIL in Ye Olde London Yown is strapping wireless listening devices to lamp-posts to listen in on its citizens to see if they are making too much noise.

According to the Evening Standard , the microphones, which communicate via the internet, will be attached to lamp posts across Soho to test the system for the next few months.

A council spokesman said that the mikes will cover the whole of Westminster and be used by noise abatement officers.

The move will mean that council officers can monitor noisy neighbours from the comfort of their tearooms and mean they can pre-empt anyone ever having to call the council to complain about noisy parties ever again.

The microphones are also going to be placed outside bars and clubs to monitor noise levels and any disturbances.

Although the report mentions how the noise abatement lobby is really pleased at the news, it failed to comment on how the system was effectively giving ears to Westminister’s extensive CCTV network.

It will mean that the traditional method of inviting your neighbours to your noisy party to prevent them complaining will not work, as the council will now confiscate your stereo without anyone in the region complaining.

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