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A Mortgage? Give Us Your Fingerprints

The People | January 8, 2007
Nigel Nelson

HOME seekers will soon have to show their FINGERPRINTS to take out a mortgage.

Banks and building societies will introduce the measure for first-time buyers to clamp down on identity fraud.

The shock move comes as the Government prepares plans to introduce its controversial ID cards.

Home Secretary John Reid asked lenders what checks they would like for granting a mortgage.

They want fingerprint and facial biometrics - which will be included on identity cards.

Couples buying their first home will be the first to get the cards when they are introduced in 2009. Eventually everyone will need one.

Premier Tony Blair said: "This is not just important for security.

It will make accessing services in modern life easier for people."

Identity cards will add £30 to the cost of a biometric passport. They are supposed to cut crime and deter terrorists.

But critics say they are not worth the scheme's £5.4billion cost.

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