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NSA “Listening Plates” Positioned in all 5 NYC Boroughs

Go Think | September 28, 2006

In the last year New Yorkers from all five boroughs have seen the whirlwind erection of the supposed NSA listening plates. These plates adorn rooftops of both tenement and office buildings alike. They are clustered on the edges of buildings and on the sides of cedar water towers in groups ranging from two to a dozen. In every instance a bundle of black wires weave their way from the plates into small freshly built rooftop utility buildings. All plates share a common angle of approximately 15 degrees down towards the street.

The question is what are these mysterious devices? An obvious answer would be that they are used to boost cell phone reception, however cell phones worked just fine a year ago when these devices did not exist. And where are the cell phone towers that would pick up the boosted signals? Could they be part of the network for global tracking and satellite navigation for automobiles? Last I checked GPS was a satellite technology beamed down to automobiles from the stratosphere above. Perhaps they assist law enforcement with 911 emergency locations… No, that doesn't seem right - they don't need 15 on one building to locate a crime. Police radios? I see most officers using cell phones these days. Cable TV – I don't think so.

click above images to see large view

This leads me to some disturbing realizations. I believe these plates could be part of the larger NSA Citizen Spy Program . The hardwired plates send their collected data down to the AT&T Long Lines Building in lower Manhattan (home to the East Coast NSA Network Hub ). view NSA map

Other key parts to the nation wide system are the freshly installed fiber optic SMART Signs on all tunnels and bridges. These SMART Signs have been sited coast to coast on all our highways from Maine to California (see NAFTA and NAU ). We have also seen a huge increase in surveillance cameras in every part of the city and its counterparts. RFID pilot programs have been launched in the most popular subway line in the city by the biggest bank in the world.

So folks I'm sorry to say that the police state system is in place for the good citizens of New York and beyond. Who knows if it's actually up and running or if it's just in place to ensure the ensuing state of Marshal Law.

I invite any and all New Yorkers to check these so called “Listening Plates” out for yourself. They are easily viewable from any street level position.


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