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Photo ID soon won't be enough

CNews | April 6, 2005

ALL CANADIANS entering the U.S. by sea or air will be required to present passports by the end of next year. "The policy is being phased in over two years," Keith Powell, head of U.S. consular affairs in Ottawa, said.

Those entering the U.S. by land crossings must have a passport by Dec. 31, 2007.

U.S. citizens who are living here and have obtained Canadian citizenship must obtain and show a U.S. passport on return to their land of birth, Powell said yesterday.

"The authorities are trying to get a better handle on those entering the country."

State department spokesman Kurtis Cooper said people have 60 days to detail their concerns.

Lawrence Barber, of the Canadian Snowbird Association, said his 70,000 members have been urged for years to get passports. "Most of them do have passports."

Embassy officials said Canadians will continue to be exempt from fingerprinting.

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