New Legislation Threatens Privacy for Canadians Once Again!
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New Legislation Threatens Privacy for Canadians Once Again!

Vive Le Canada | August 23 2005

The Globe and Mail report by Bill Curry on Aug.19,2005 states, “The federal government will introduce legislation this fall that would give police and national security agencies new powers to eavesdrop on cellphone calls and monitor the Internet activities of Canadians, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler said yesterday.” The first question should be why? Is there no longer a presumption of innocence in this county? Have we all become possible criminals as we go about our daily lives?

The article goes on “The bill would allow police to demand that Internet service providers hand over a wide range of information on the surfing habits of individuals, including on-line pseudonyms and whether someone possesses a mischief-making computer virus, according to a draft outline of the bill provided to the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.” The Privacy Commissioner should be speaking out loudly against such invasions of Canadians privacy. We ought to be able to go about life without looking over our shoulder constantly. It would appear that Canada is becoming a police state, where everything we do is suspect.

Canadian law enforcement needs the tools to fight crime, but that should not include spying on law abiding citizens, just in case they are thinking about doing something. There are already sufficient laws in place that allow court orders to search property, including computers, but there must be justifiable cause to do so. This new law appears to give the state excessive powers to invade Canadians privacy. It threatens freedom of speech and the ability for citizens to discuss political or other matters in private. How far are they willing to go?

Tie this into the already existing rules, such as, anti-Terrorist legislation (Bill C 36) and Bill C7 which gained Royal Assent: 6 May 2004 and which gives dictatorial powers to a number of Ministers who have the capacity to shut down the country and declare martial law without any checks and balances, and without going to Parliament. Add to that the new Smart Border plans being proposed and the biometric identification cards on the horizon (proposed by the Tri-lateral Task Force which includes the U.S. Council on Foreign Relations, the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Mexican Council of Foreign Relations; the business elite of the three countries).

Then you can see, we are losing our freedom all in the name of some dark shadow that was, created by fear and hate, called, ‘terrorism’. This new world we live in has become ‘might is right’!

Clearly the rise of terrorism has coincided with the pre-emptive strike on Iraq, ironically in retaliation for an act by several Saudi’s! I believe it is noteworthy to consider that with all the security, spy agencies and technology, the two men who were ‘America’s most wanted’, are still alive, while thousands of innocent people have been murdered. How many more people will be arrested, detained, murdered or falsely imprisoned on the basis of lies, or false intelligence information?

According to a Standing Committee Report by The ‘Ligue des droits et libertes‘ a non-profit, non-partisan group, these proposals come at the request of the United States not because Canada deems them necessary. I quote from their report, ‘ In the fall of 2002, Minister Denis Coderre launched the idea of an identity card…to facilitate border crossing for Canadians at the U.S. border…..On December 6,2002 John Manley and Tom Ridge, the director of Homeland Security, agreed on a 30-point Smart Border Action Plan. The first point concerns biometric identification. ….The purpose of the plan was to meet the requirements of the United States rather than any need felt in Canada.”

Really I ask you, who is being terrorized? After Sept 11, we were inundated with slogans, ‘they will not win’ and ‘situation normal’ and ‘please go about your daily affairs, because if we live in fear THEY will have won’. Today, ‘they’ are not imposing the fear. It is coming from those who should be creating an environment of calm, reassuring the public instead of creating mass hysteria. Today, we are inundated with a different slogan ‘The evil must be annihilated’ and ‘We are fighting this war on terror’, and reminding us to watch our neighbours and be suspicious of people’s activities. Quite frankly, it sounds like the ‘war on drugs’, something which never ends, because the root cause is never addressed.

All of this new security is being done without the consent or request of the Canadian people. It would appear that our government is now taking instructions from someone other than those who have elected them. When the U.S. brought in the Patriot Act, we followed with anti-terrorism laws, (Bill C36) .

When they started the ‘no fly’ list for airlines, Canada followed with our own. Now
they want more power to invade Canadians privacy. Canada’s Census, the collection of very private and national security information, will be influenced by Lockheed Martin(a Manufacturer of Weapons), which leaves us susceptible to the Patriot Act’s over reaching powers to access information from any company. Why would Canada ever allow a foreign company to be involved in our census at any level?

I ask you, what is the definition of democracy on today’s stage and what manner of freedom do we profess to embrace? With all the high tech security we have in place today, and much of what was in place prior to 911, certainly prior to the recent bombings in Britain, did it prevent such attacks? Does spying on the law abiding citizen, give them a sense of security? Civil rights are being eroded fast and furious, and seemingly our Canadian government is succumbing to the law of another nation.

We are inviting the DEA, FBI and other U.S. agencies into Canada on the premise of assisting our law enforcement. Texas troopers are detaining people on B.C. highways, with no legitimate explanation for their boots on Canadian soil! This is the incident as reported, ‘CBC News, Jan. 28, 2005 VANCOUVER ¬ A Vancouver man has won an out-of-court settlement from the RCMP after an incident in which he says he was illegally searched. David Laing says police overstepped the law when they stopped his car, decided he was driving under the influence of marijuana, and searched his vehicle and two-year-old son. Under Canadian law, that kind of search is illegal. What upset Laing even more is that some the officers he tangled with were actually American police officers.”

Consultation with the people is a required element to validate a democracy. Canada’s very sovereignty is being threatened through the glorification of a global ideology that promises peace, harmony and security, but in reality offers nothing more than colonization. When our government no longer acts independently to create laws, control our monetary supply, health regulations, and security measures suitable and appropriate to the people of Canada, we abdicate our sovereignty. The very real threat to become nothing more than a mere landmass, storage for natural resources, and military bases, grouped within the boundaries of a North American Fortress and under control of a global power is no longer the substance of sci-fi novels.

Canada’s ability to remain a nation, separate and distinct, with unique and specific laws, customs and values is being eroded, at an alarming rate. We are indebted to foreign investors and private banks, our military is heavily influenced if not under the control of a foreign power in many ways, we have laws on the books which allow the U.S. to send troops into Canada without our consent. This new legislation is another element added to the decline of our rights as citizens in a sovereign country. The writing is no longer just on the walls . It is on every bar of this symbolic cage we are creating for ourselves in the name of freedom.



911:  The Road to Tyranny

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911:  The Road to Tyranny