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California RFID bill delayed for 12 months?

Erik Holmes / Air Force Times | October 6 2006

Following Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's decision to veto a restrictive RFID bill, its author is planning to reintroduce it next year, according to reports.

Senator Joe Simitian was forced to make changes to the legislation, only for governor Schwarzenegger to veto the bill.

He noted that the bill was premature and that it may get in the way of future federal mandates, such as President Bush's ID card scheme.

Senator Simitian told RFID journal: "We had reached out to law enforcement over a year ago.

"So I think law-enforcement's reaction was unfortunate and inaccurate."

There had been talk about widespread local legislation for RFID in the wake of Californian legislation, but no such reaction is now expected.

With the federal government's insistence on supporting the RFID e-passport scheme and the new ID card scheme, it appears RFID is going nowhere.

It was likely that even if the bill had been passed, the state would have still had to follow the national procedures.

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