Barcode Babies: Microchip Implantation in Hospitals
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Barcode Babies: Microchip Implantation in Hospitals

Mobile Health Data | March 14, 2005

Hackensack (N.J.) University Medical Center will become the second provider organization that can read radio frequency identification chips embedded in patients. The 683-bed, not-for-profit provider plans to test the VeriChip system--from Delray Beach, Fla.-based Applied Digital--in its emergency department.

The technology can read the vendor's RFID chips that have been implanted underneath a patient's skin, between the elbow and shoulder. Each VeriChip contains a 16-digit identification number assigned by Applied Digital.


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Hackensack will map patients' VeriChip numbers to their medical records number. The provider then will be able to access patient data from their electronic medical records system, which is in development, by scanning them with the vendor's reader to find their chip number. The chip numbers will be mapped to patients' electronic records ID numbers.

Hackensack already has a patient who has volunteered to be implanted with the VeriChip. Molly Phillips, who was diagnosed with diabetes as a child, will receive a chip this week. Phillips' father, Nicholas Minicucci Jr., is the founder and president of the MOLLY Foundation, a fund-raising initiative for the provider's MOLLY Center for Children with Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders.


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