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Oakland Requires ID Chips for Dogs

NewsMax | July 26, 2005

You have no choice but to have a microchip imbedded under your skin in Oakland, Calif. – if you’re a dog.

City officials have drafted an ordinance that requires dog owners to have a rice-sized I.D. chip implanted in their pets.

And those who don’t comply could be hit with a fine of $100 for a second offense and $1,000 for subsequent infractions.

"It is very effective, cheap and easy. We hope it will result in more dogs being reunited with their owners," said police Sergeant David Cronin, head of the animal services department. "For most dogs it is completely painless."

The intrusive measure not only makes it a crime for a pet owner to forgo the chip, but also forces owners to pay $10 to have the chip implanted.

The chip stores an I.D. number that can be read by a scanner and provides a link to the animal's owner. It will help police deal with dog theft, a growing problem, the Daily Times reports.

The ordinance also bars Oakland residents from owning more than three dogs unless granted permission – and, leaving no stone unturned, bans the ownership of roosters within city limits.


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